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Tell Sen. George Voinovich that we all want the same kind of health care he’s had for more than half his lifetime. Paid by us.


Tell Voinovich to vote for a health care plan that provides similar benefits as he has enjoyed for more than 40 years as a public employee.


We need a government health plan that will compete with private insurance.


What’s wrong with competition? Why are the insurance companies fearful of competition? Can’t they do better that the Big Bad Bureaucracy?


Call Voinovich’s local office tomorrow morning: 216 552-7095.


He needs to hear from all of us.


Americans have been trying to get the safety of health care enjoyed by all other industrial countries since Harry Truman.

216   552-7095


As Harry said and I paraphrase, “Let’s give them hell.”

215  552-7095


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I tel'd 216 522-7095 for George Voinovich

I will telephone tomorrow.  A very fair and honest idea.   Health care for everyone like George has. 


I called and spoke with Beth in Voinovich's Cleveland office. 

I asked her to relay to the Senator that each citizen of the US should be able to have the same level of health care as the Senator.  Beth said she had health care through her work.   We had a bit of a back and forth about the many millions of unemployed Americans who could not affort health care. 

Beth suggested Cleveland Metro Hospital for them.

It wasn't hard to see that Beth was a Republican. 

She never did take my full name or address.  Was more of a brush off...

I'm sure George won't be supporting single payer health care legislation.  We need to vote the Senator OUT!

If you want to email the Senator here is the contact form.   BTW "prefix" means Mr., Mrs., Ms. etc.

I have never heard of "prefix" so I suggested to Beth that the contact form be explained or clarified.

I bet that won't happen either.