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RTA tried a pathetic attempt to avoid solving a problem by trying obfuscation that really should fool no one.


The problem: circulation buses that provide service for transit-dependent people. RTA (Regional Transit Authority) will cut all circulation vehicles this month, leaving those dependent upon such a service abandoned.


RTA’s sorry solution: a proposal for a new service – a once-a-week shuttle service as a pilot project instead of circulators.


It’s called the Weekly Shopper Service, according to an RTA press release. How cute.


Do they think people only need transportation once a week?


C’mon. Does anyone think this is a solution? It is fig leaf for RTA to avoid facing the fact that it is eliminating an important service.


“We think that this proposed jointly funded proposal is innovative, will be very responsive to the needs of many, and much appreciated by our community,” says Joe Calabrese, RTA CEO and General Manager.


Joe, are you saying that with a straight face? Only an idiot would fall for this solution.


Even worse, the plan is contingent upon areas that want the service to provide for half the cost.


So RTA really guarantees that it won’t ever be required to provide the service.


I’m aware that RTA has a financial problem with lower revenue because of declining sales tax receipts, a major funding source for the transit operation.


However, it’s time RTA cut where it least hurts transit-dependent people. Maybe start with the front office. And certainly the downtown free services that won’t be cut as the neighborhood circulators are being dumped. Downtown has resources of its own and should provide that service itself, it if is needed.


The only reason RTA management is offering this meager – really unacceptable solution – is that a band of persistent supporters of primarily the Lakewood circulator has continue to raise hell with RTA over the cutbacks.


They have embarrassed the RTA brass.


RTA management and its board aren’t used to citizen pressure.

So they have come up with the non-solution as a solution.


Not good enough, Joe.


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Did you notice that in the PeeDee story, RTA makes a play for money from each ward to cover the cost of the circulator?