Submitted by Roldo on Sat, 02/14/2009 - 18:00.

With the looting of billions, no trillions of dollars from the U. S. Treasury for incompetent bankers, automakers and others the elite are turning to the only reservoir of more trillions to steal. Who better than William Greider to sound the alarm, as he does so well in The Nation this week. His treatise can be found here: Here’s his opening paragraph: “Governing elites in Washington and Wall Street have devised a fiendishly clever ‘grand bargain’ they want President Obama to embrace in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility.’ The government, they argue, having spent billions on bailing out the banks, can recover its costs by looting the Social Security system. They are also targeting Medicare and Medicaid. The pitch sounds preposterous to millions of ordinary working people anxious about their economic security and worried about their retirement years. But an impressive armada is lined up to push the idea – Washington’s leading think tanks, the prestige media, tax-exempt foundation, skillful propagandists posing as economic experts and a self-righteous billionaire (Pete Peterson) spending his fortune to save the nation from the elderly.” Greider wants everyone with a stake – that means you and I – to let our representatives – Democrat and Republican – know that it’s hands off Social Security’s money. That means your money! YOU CAN BET THAT THE CRISIS WILL BE USED BY SOME TO LOOT. WE SHOULD USE IT TO PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR FUTURE ORDINARY PEOPLE. GET READY FOR THE ONSLOUGHT OF “REASONABLY SOUNDING” PROPAGANDA ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTROL ENTITLEMENTS. PLEASE START NOW.

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