un-Sustainable Cleveland 2019, Meet realHOE 2010 - Hell On Earth in unReal NEO, Compliments of OUR Leadership!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 06/03/2010 - 13:54.

Why do I hate the leadership of OHIO?!?!?!

Why the hell was air quality in Cleveland and so Northeast Ohio, the region, the state and the world so "UNHEALTHY" last night, while we slept, and why is it so unhealthy RIGHT NOW - and HOW UNHEALTHY really, where, as indicated above?

Why are smart people with a choice "urban farming" in these conditions? Why did our PLANNERS PLAN it this way? Why aren't citizens warned about this, and why don't our leaders do something about this? Where is the social and environmental outrage and pursuit of justice in this community?!?!

This is not a one-time occurrence - our air around Northeast Ohio has been unhealthy by most standards every day for the past week, and is never nearly healthy enough. Have you even heard Mayor Jackson call for cleaner air in Northeast Ohio - ever seen him take any responsibility for the pollution here? How about ANY council-people...? Commissioners? CANDIDATES FOR ANY OFFICES IN OHIO, EVER????? They are killing their people, and are being killed... do they not care?

No, they do not care. They soak up huge industrial and union funding and political support and spew forth polluting rewards by gaming the environmental research, analysis and public awareness systems to hide pollution caused by their funders/supporters. As such, what environmental justice initiatives we do have for the region fail in their communications, analyses, planning and public service.... ultimately only to "benefit" powerful leaders of the coal, transportation, energy, construction, mining, metals and waste management industries, still profitting on old science that does not make economic sense and so is functionally dead! Basically, they are charity cases, supported by the people they kill.

Seems our leaders want citizens to go down with the ship... and they aren't bothering to provide deck chairs or a band.

For example, at 10 AM today, June 3, 2010, I noticed I was having breathing problems and checked the various pollution advisory systems for the region.... and, a few clicks into Ohio EPA Partner AirNow's website I saw the Ohio EPA reported UNHEALTHY conditions at 8 AM for all residents for much or Northeast Ohio - screenshot ABOVE.

Yet yesterday I had received an environmental advisory from the same Ohio EPA service forecasting the environmental conditions for today would be as follows:

I thought they would be wrong - I follow all the environmental reporting available for the region that I know of and our air has been consistently unhealthy every day for the past week, with the only breaks being when the rain has washed the pollution into our drinking water and gardens, and on our children. Why are you only learning about this on realNEO? Because even on the Ohio EPA partner AirNow site they mislead the public, forecasting good conditions by email and still reporting that the forecast for our region is moderate, during an apparent health emergency...

Yes, they are really "forcasting" a "high" of "moderate" as they are reporting "Current Conditions" two states worse - UNHEALTHY - at 152.  The 9 AM air quality was measured as unhealthy (below)... yet the EPA air pollution site to the moderate forecast screen (above) and the forecast is not current with actuals, and no advisory was sent from the Ohio EPA, as is their subscription service... and no advisory from our local air quality reporting contractor, NOACA - Northeast Ohio Area-wide Coordinating Agency.

Where is the reporting and outrage from the leaders and reporters in mainstream and alternative media over the environment crisis here, and over our poor citizen notification and preparedness capabilities - where is the discussion on Facebook, city.cleveland.oh.us and the blogs - at Green City Blue Lakes Institute and on their foundation-funded GCBL.ORG network - at their Sustainable Cleveland 2019 retreats and strategic planning - where is ELIMINATING AIR POLLUTION in the action plans, Re-imagining Cleveland, Kent Urban Design... CSU... Case?

Were is the outrage from our well paid career environmental stewards in local, statewide and national non-profits, universities and government?

Not at NOACA and the Cleveland EPA, it is clear. At the same time Ohio EPA is showing data indicating a health crisis, above, the NOACA pollution monitoring portal reports highly inconsistent data, and inconsistency in forecasting, reporting of actuals, and in apparent data acquisition, modeling and/or interpretation - everything about what seems to be going on behind the scenes at NOACA appears wrong...

Like today... NOACA appears wrong like this... while the Ohio EPA was reporting air quality conditions in our region as UNHEALTHY, above, NOACA... using the same monitoring equipment and data... presented our situation as such:


The pollution rose shows whatever pollution is being created in the Cleveland industrial valley is headed toward the Northeast, today... the East side and Eastern suburbs (where I live) should be especially concerned, if there is significant pollution. A hard look at the NOACA air pollution monitoring sight is reassuring - a very thorough look is far from reassuring, and nearly as disturbing as what is reported by the Ohio EPA above... one of the Cleveland monitoring stations reports unhealthy conditions!

How unhealthy? Under such crisis conditions, it may be life-saving for 1,000s of area residents to stay on top of the air pollution hourly, and adjust their schedules accordingly... far more important than monitoring weather (gee, what do the TV stations spend a year on that?!?!)! Checking back on NOACA, an hour after the reading above, you will understand the meaning of "gaming the system"... below is public reporting of the same air pollution monitoring sites for the same region and monitoring equipment as above, and as airNow, now seen for 11AM:

Suddenly nothing is clear about the air, our EPA monitoring or public health here - the NOACA data is now reporting "No Data" where it reported "moderate" before - there are gaps in the time series chart, and it does not track with the "no data" and other data reporting now or before - the rose chart has changed wind orientation and the data points make no sense at all - none of this data and reporting makes sense, it is not useful for citizens (it is harmful for citizens), and it does not track with AirNow reporting above, as partnered with the Ohio EPA. Digging deeper into today's current pollution picture at NOACA, the second monitor site screenshot above, with high pollution readings by NOACA before, also looks very different an hour later - what gives?

Air quality monitoring, notification and remediation in Northeast Ohio is poor if not criminal. We have far inadequate levels of monitoring and it is claimed some equipment in the region has a history of faulty operations. Currently, readings from some of the monitoring stations in Cleveland have shown extremely high, unhealthy readings and frequently the reading data seems to change in later air quality monitoring reports - different reporting systems report different results at different times - no results are real time and all seem subject to human intervention - all NOACA results seem to route through the coal burning Ohio University Voinovich School,  which claims on it's website "The Voinovich School, through the Appalachian Watershed Research Group, the Consortium for Energy, Economics and the Environment (CE3), the Center for Air Quality, and the Environmental Studies program, has established itself as a leader in bringing people together to solve energy and environmental problems."

Ain't working, George! Back to school, OU.

So far reported today, it appears, citizens of Northeast Ohio and surrounding regions (states, the world) have been exposed to levels of Particulate Matter PM2.5 over 152 ug per cubic meter  - about 2.5X the 24 hour concentration of 65 ug per cubic meter, and 10X the Annual Arithmetic Mean of 15 ug per cubic meter, Primary and Secondary, which are acceptable by US EPA ambient air quality standards.

On Memorial Day, when there were few cars on the road, long before folks attempted their BBQ fires, the air was 2X worse than that - as bad as I've ever seen reported - as indicated below.... again, without any warning before or after the fact from the media, environmentalists, airNow or NOACA.... and with very inconsistent "real-time" and historical reporting, which I captured over the course of the day and following morning... what we learn about a real health crisis in NEO from NOACA, at the time of maximum pollution, discussed only on realNEO?!?!:

The air pollution felt far worse than what NOACA was reporting to me - the pollution shown above is fairly typical pollution for unreal NEO - so I dug past NOACA, past airNow (which also reported our air as moderately unhealthy) and found the source monitoring data reflected in all these charts above, and charted that for realNEO, and it is as frightening as imaginable, as below - those living near and downwind of the St. Theodus monitoring station were exposed to PM2.5 levels reading as high as 317.5 - nearly 6 times the ambient standard 24 hour concentration of 65 ug per cubic meter Primary and Secondary...  more than 21X the annual mean standard... and who knows if that was even a peak measurement.

We only know what our leaders allow us to know about any of this, and to our leaders air pollution is obviously a big-money game where citizens are chosen losers.

Anyone for going to downtown Cleveland to lose your life-savings with your life, in the world's most polluted casino, soon coming to unrealNEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Action Jackson!

Ohio Air Quality Pollutant Monitoring Page

Yesterday's Highest One-Hour Pollutant Levels
(last updated on June 1, 2010)

Some of the ambient air quality standards are:

  • Carbon Monoxide:
    • 1 hour = 35.0 ppm
    • 8 hour = 9.0 ppm
  • Sulfur Dioxide:
    • 3 hour = 500 ppb
    • 24 hour = 140 ppb
    • Annual Arithmetic Mean = 30 ppb
  • Ozone:
    • 1 hour = 125 ppb
    • 8 hour = 75 ppb
  • Nitrogen Oxides: no standard
  • Nitrogen Dioxide: Annual Arithmetic Mean = 50 ppb
  • PM10:
    • Annual Arithmetic Mean -- 50 ug per cubic meter Primary and Secondary.
    • 24 hour concentration -- 150 ug per cubic meter Primary and Secondary.
  • PM2.5:
    • Annual Arithmetic Mean -- 15 ug per cubic meter Primary and Secondary.
    • 24 hour concentration -- 65 ug per cubic meter Primary and Secondary.
  • Lead: Quarterly Average = 1.5 ug per cubic meter Primary and Secondary.


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Now this is rich - I just received a pollution advisory from NOACA for TOMORROW - June 04, 2010 - which reports "Urban areas in Cuyahoga County have been experiencing high levels of fine particle pollution in the mornings. Pollution levels may reach "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" during tomorrow morning's commute, particularly in the Cleveland area".

The region is in the middle of an environmental crisis - pollution was UNHEALTHY as NOACA wrote this advisory for tomorrow and pressed send - why no warning about today in today's advisory about tomorrow... as of noon we were still at PM2.5 of 133... unhealthy for sensitive groups (exactly what they warn of for tomorrow)?

Why no warning about today?

Why no warning about Memorial Day, when everyone in the region planned to exert themselves outdoors, in what was know by leadershop to be the worst pollution on recent record!

Disrupt IT

Now some unhealthy environmental planning from Ohio EPA

A few hours after NOACA sent their UNHEALTHY pollution advisory for NEO for tomorrow - ignoring current conditions - the Ohio EPA read its email, learned what NOACA has planned to report here for tomorrow, and issued their UNHEALTHY warning for tomorrow as well - also ignoring current conditions... this being sent around 6 PM, after most commuters have left work for the day, so may not plan to carpool or use public transportation (or stay home) tomorrow... nobody should walk, run or ride a bike to work in this air, that is for sure!

Disrupt IT

As NEO Burns, Our Neros Fiddle-On

As realNEO citizens confront the greatest health crisis of our history - our air pollution - health professionals are paid huge dollars to address public health, yet do nothing but write bills and build their healthcare empires - rather than help protect people from harm in my community, by addressing environmental injustice, they take pubic assets to grow the healthcare industry - in my most polluted soon to be X-city of East Cleveland, Mr. Sustainability Gus Kious and his family have been at work... "$25M health center at Huron Hospital targets diabetes, heart disease, hypertension"... all diseases shown to be certainly associated with pollution in the area, like from Cleveland Clinic peer hospital University Hospital's MCCO coal fired plant a few miles from Huron Hospital (my house is sandwiched between these polluters).

While reporting on this corporate charity, the PD has no warning on cleveland.com about the dangerous air today and/or tomorrow... just propaganda for the Cleveland Clinic and some bullshit about King James...

A LeBron Meter - are our leaders F++KING LEAD POISONED/

Considering they all seem to work a few blocks from the lead poison spewing Burke Lakefront Airport, and highly-polluting Cleveland Thermal, and Mittal, of course they are... LeBron as well!


Disrupt IT

EPA sets first new limit on sulfur dioxide in decades

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday set a new health standard that coal-fired power plants and other industries will have to meet on sulfur dioxide, a pollutant that triggers asthma attacks and causes other respiratory problems.

Charles D. Connor, the president of the American Lung Association, said the new standard "will help curtail the bursts of this noxious gas that spew into communities living next to some of our nation's oldest, dirtiest polluters, including coal-fired power plants. This standard offers the promise of real protection to the people who have breathed these fumes for far too long."

full story

Since Bush, at the Federal level, EPA stepping up

Since Bush, at the Federal level, the EPA is stepping up and making pollution a bigger issue in government. Locally and statewide, we have serious environmental issues, internally - we've been corrupted by industry here. Consider all the Plain Dealer editorials over the last many years designed to program citizens to hate pollution regulations and love coal... the latest one was one of the worst.... unforgivable - our environmental problems here are largely the fault of the leaders of our media, who cover all this up for their sponsors... and the politicians are really too sold-out and uncaring to even understand what the hell is going down, sorry to say.

Disrupt IT


excellent research, Norm. 

No wonder my mother, living near Mittal Steel, has been so sick lately.  Today was her third doctor's appointment in a matter of a few weeks. 

Her neighbors are busy planting a garden. Nearly every day my mother's white screen door is coated with black powder.  Growing a garden in that shit is absurd!

You should be furious - and I'm just getting started

Keith said a good friend in the hood - younger than me - N8TE on realNEO - just had a heart attack... speedy recovery - lots of "illness" is related to polution and ER visits go up with pollution counts... think action jacson is at the ER comforting pollution victims?!?! - You should be furious... and I'm just getting started - I'm planning on really messing up some people over their polluting here!

Disrupt IT


my mother has lived there for almost two years and nothing but lots of medical problems since moving there.  sinus infections, breathing, etc.

Many doctor appointments...

sorry to hear about N8TE.  I read his blog that he posted here not long ago.  Did N8TE tour Sansai?

N8te, you out there...?

N8te, you out there... ? Hasn't made it to Sansai yet...

Disrupt IT

I Call This Series of Charts NOACA/EPA LIE

Having observed data that the air in Northeast Ohio is unhealthy today and has been for the past week, especially - documented above - and having received emails from the two Federally funded government authorities monitoring our air pollution, the EPA and NOACA, stating air quality is expected to be unhealthy tomorrow, I did as many NEO citizens probably did upon receiving those messages, and checked for the latest environmental data from those authorities that had contacted me - the Ohio EPA at airNow and NOACA at their site... as I have done consistently recently and also document above...

This time, the picture was the worst yet - the people behind these sites are lying to citizens, with intent to deceive them, with the certainty to cause physical harm and perhaps death. What are these people thinking and doing...? See for yourself... at AirNow the forecast, current conditions and reported high readings are all moderately healthy - if grandma checks this data she is going for a jog... perhaps her last...

Checking airNow at this moment, today's high appears to be "Moderate" = 74 - and current conditions are the same... a lovely yellow throughout the region... must be safe for all!

But, knowing of the high pollution counts earlier today and all week, I know to check NOACA too. On the surface, things look even better there - time to fire up the BBQ and mow some grass... the whole region is a green city on a blue lake... it seems all our environmental problems are rooted in Medina... damn commuters... I'm taking the family out for a ride in the convertible East to burn some hydrocarbons and enjoy some really great fresh air...

But wait... what is that grey around the tiny light blue diamonds where Cleveland is marked... the legend says grey means "Data not available"... so what does any of this tell citizens, other than it is safe for all polluting and physical exertion, as they leave the office for home...

Not if you know to roll your mouse over the monitor points, to pop-up tables showing the data being used to calculate our air quality... explaining what NOACA means by Data not available, and why this website may kill citizens!

If you roll over and catch one of the Cleveland monitors... I assume Craig... you see what appeared to be a moderately healthy day with some data/monitor issues... nothing of concern one would assume... unless you noticed the line graph at the bottom of the page indicating there were spikes occurring in Cleveland and then the data stream was turned off - data not available - but the data from this monitor looks okay... are there other monitors... roll over what I assume is St. Theodos... Hell On Earth one hour... no data the next, and all afternoon... is this a loose wire at a monitor or computer somewhere or a loose cannon at the EPA, or elsewhere...?

You are not experiencing technical difficulty - you are experiencing human failure, and it is killing you.

Disrupt IT

data not available

on purpose

coal burning university watching our pollution here

You've seen my computers... they are built for this stuff. So are the ones at OU, which seems to be under contract to provide this poor disservice here (why is someone at a coal burning university down there watching our pollution here... visuals are the best monitors).

OU has all the latest GIS and modeling software and seems to have tons of funding - they are using $1,000,000s worth of Federally funded monitoring equipment designed to withstand harsh conditions and used successfully around the world, 24x7... yet they report no data.

And people die as a result. Should they be charged with manslaughter? Did they kill Ed Hauser with bad data?!?!

Disrupt IT

Ohio University Facilities Management - Plant Operations

Plant Operations is made up of the functions of the following shops in the "Utility Area" of the Operations, Maintenance & Energy Department

  • Heating Plant

The Heating Plant operates three coal fired and one gas fired boiler that produces steam to operate a 1050 kilowatt generator, four 150 GPM hot water heaters and steam for heating and cooling the campus buildings. We also operate a baghouse with a Sorbent Injection system used to reduce air pollution. We test and chemically treat chiller units, and heating systems throughout the campus area. The Heating Plant also produces domestic hot water for the campus buildings. We maintain four 125,000 gallon Zeolite water softeners and two Dealkalizers to treat boiler makeup water.

OU is the center of the

For sports fans... a reason your teams may never be the best

For sports fans... a reason your teams may never be the best... pollution, duh.

What is right down the street from where our sports teams all play and spend way too much of their time exerting themselves, exposing themselves to Cleveland air... Mittal... Cleveland Thermal... Burke Lakefront Airport... the Industrial Valley... not where you go to pursue top performance.

For the teams rotating in and out of here, no big deal... for those living and playing most games here, a championship-killer.

LeBron, get the hell out while you may still recover.

Disrupt IT

An end to the lies or just the beginning? Assume the worst.

It's June 04, 2010 - we have an air pollution health advisory for the region - do you know where your air pollution data is? Neither does the EPA... but at least they are being honest about this now. The Ohio EPA AirNow website now recognizes and acknowledges there is no valid air quality data for Northeast Ohio and lists us as a big blank page for yesterday, and today... assume the worst.

NOACA does not now recognize and acknowledge there is no valid air quality data for Northeast Ohio - they just keep telling us it is 9 PM YESTERDAY and that everything is fine on the surface... while Cleveland is in fact all gray. Assume the worst.

Disrupt IT

Air Quality

Dude chill out.  I just talked to someone in Air Quality and the monitors are malfuntioning. The air is actually in the good range so your imagination is getting carried away.  Take a chill pill


The air is certainly not in the good range - never is under these weather conditions here - there is no such organization as "air quality", the monitors NEVER work so they are not malfunctioning, they are in that case broken - that is perhaps my point - and at the best case the air right now is much worse than reflected at the 1PM chart of the working monitors in Cleveland and the region reported by NOACA now as below - take a kill pill....

Disrupt IT

air quality

The state of my lungs are in agreement with Norms' assessment..... and has been for days. Maybe someone in air quality should check out airnow.gov/index.cfm, dude.

Seriously Chill out

Unless you enjoy being angry you really ought to get your facts straight before you bust a vein in your brain. I mean what part of "the monitors are malfunctioning" do you not understand.  Seriously.  If you don't believe it call the Division of Air Quality.  Personally I would guess, based on the feelings of my lungs, that the air at this moment in time is somewhere in the 14 micrograms per cubic meter range.  Seriously, thats what my lungs are telling me.  so why don't ya'll go get some facts.   Unless of course you enjoy your anger and ranting in which case carry on Dude's (unless dwebb is a women in which case dudette).  Peace I'm going for a bike ride!  Enjoy your weekend. 

I've talked to Cleveland Air Quality and NOACA so far

I've talked to Cleveland Air Quality and NOACA so far... asked Councilman Cummins to investigate... working on the Ohio EPA public affairs office now... long strange trip already... perhaps I'll reach the Governor eventually...?!?!

Who did you talk to at what number?

Disrupt IT

the dude

the dude is just agitating, Norm. 


That's OK - it got me to take further action

Whenever a troll surfaces on realNEO I know I'm right about something huge - so I kick 10X harder.

In this case, that was a good thing - it got me to take further action...

Cleveland Air Quality has proved incompetent, and goes home at 3 - NOACA has good excuses why they are not to blame for anything, delivered by a lawyer - I'm still waiting to hear back from public relations at the Ohio EPA...

So I'm going outside in the good air to start a fire in the BBQ and the firepit... pour some gas on the ground and light it to entertain the chickens... and then start all my 2-cycle lawn equipment, get out the 4-wheeler, change my oil - leave it in an open container in the garage while I'm at it - buy an A/C for my garage - go drive to the Jake er Progressive Field to watch the Tribe, hack, hack, hack...

Eventually I expect to hear from the Ohio EPA with a more accurate reading on today's good air...! If not, they have bosses, and aren't elected.

Disrupt IT


The Political Gangster

                    If there is a malfunction with the monitor someone should be hanged for letting citizens live in there communities and not know when the air is critical, I mean killer air we won't know because there is a MALFUNCTION!!!!! I'm glad we're not supposed to base our safety on one persons lungs, because they could fall over at any moment and won't even get a chance to say they was wrong. CHILL OUT!!!!!!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 at 6PM. Listed as unhealthy. 

I went to see what Ohio EPA Good/Moderate air looks like in Clev

I went to see what Ohio EPA Good/Moderate air looks like in Cleveland tonight...It can be pretty, if you don't look down, and ignore what you are looking at...  but it smells like Hell... check the sulfur readings for 7-8PM, if they are ever made available to the public...

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knows what he is talking about.  Just another troll...