In Case You Are Wondering If The Cleveland Plain Dealer Will Cover The Pollution From MCCO?!?!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 07/15/2010 - 14:09.

In Case You Are Wondering If The Cleveland Plain Dealer Will Cover The Pollution From MCCO?!?!...

Will the plain Dealer promote the upcoming EPA hearing on the licensing of the MCCO coal burning plant that provides steam heat to University Hospitals, among over 20 University Circle institutions...

Will the Plain Dealer educate its readers on the harm caused by burning coal, and the alternatives to coal...?

Probably not. They don't even warn citizens when we have Ozone Action Days.

University Hospitals is powered by MCCO - Medical Center Company - and has the plant in their back yard and mine - has significant control if not ownership of the plant - and UH wants the plant there. As University Hospitals is one of the Cleveland Plain Dealer's major advertisers (it would be interesting to know the dollar value), and the Plain Dealer is in serious financial trouble and cannot afford to lose a major advertiser.

But we'll be keeping the pressure on everyone at the PD regardless - one or two folks there may actually care about their health, their families and the community.

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GCBL Burning Question

Wow--I have a burning environmental question and I am blocked from posting it at GCBL--Former Edition Publisher Bill Gunlocke may be coming to town soon. 

He gave David Beach his first exposure in REALNEO with the Cleveland Edition.  Wonder what he would have to say about the University Circle Coal Plant?? 

Beach also wrote magazine articles for The Plain Dealer and other local publications. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he wrote a column called "Lake Effects" for a weekly newspaper, the Edition, a precursor to the now-defunct Free Times.