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A new high school -- with a suggested name of Martin J. Sweeney High School is under construction on West 140th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

The photograph shown above, showing the gym with the steel-framed roof, is from the webcam mounted on the construction site: 01-13-14 at 3:14 p.m.

For more up-to-date pictures use the following link:


The composite photograph shown above – again with views obtained from the webcam, shows the construction of the steel-framed roof for the gym.

View dated 12-16-13: The cinderblock walls of the gym have been erected to their full height.

View dated 12-23-13: steel trusses running in the north-south direction (left to right) are in place. Each truss is supported on walls at each end (left and right).

View dated 12-31-13: Steel deck units are being placed on top of the trusses. The deck spans east-west (top to bottom).

View dated 01-08-14: Steel deck units continue to be placed on top of the trusses.

Note: Waterproofing and insulation will be placed on top of the steel deck.

The new school -- a jazzed up warehouse – is being built on the cheap -- using cheap materials (cinderblocks) and zero craftsmanship -- without a basement, auditorium, swimming pool, or underground running tracks.

New school is being built above the grave which contains the pulverized remains – bricks and stones of the old school.

Historic John Marshall High School -- an architectural gem – located in Cleveland, Ohio -- opened in 1932 – underwent a senseless and illegitimate destruction in 2012/2013 -- a crime against humanity -- that shall never be forgotten.

The destruction was brought about by vote rigging & other irregularities committed by corrupt politicians (Mayor Frank Jackson & Councilman Martin J. Sweeney) & a visionless & corrupt Cleveland Metropolitan School District -- and their multitude of cronies.

May the names of the following who facilitated the senseless destruction – forever live in infamy:

Mayor Frank G. Jackson;
Councilman and former City Council President Martin J. Sweeney;
Councilman Anthony Brancatelli;  
Councilwoman Phyllis E. Cleveland;
Cleveland Metropolitan School District;
Chair, Cleveland Landmarks Commission;
Manager of Architecture (Chief Architect), City of Cleveland;
Director of City Planning;
Bellaire Puritas Development Corporation; and
President and those trustees of the John Marshall High Alumni Association who openly advocated for demolition.


REALNEO: Please see previous posts all related to the Save John Marshall High School campaign.

Facebook: Follow the Save John Marshall High School group on facebook where the senseless destruction of the historic landmark has been documented in detail: https://www.facebook.com/groups/160386844035662/

Youtube: Also, see the following four Youtube clips:

1. Save John Marshall High School, Cleveland, Ohio http://youtu.be/s6shgwi5cuu

2. Save John Marshall High School, Part 2: Demonstration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdtacqrwof4

3. Save John Marshall High School, Part 3: call for a hunger strike http://youtu.be/nyol5sfbjea

4. Save John Marshall High School, Part 4: Investigate City Hall


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Safety of roof new at JMHS

Mr. Puri - as an engineer - could you explain the problems that are likely to occur with the flat roof constructed at the "new" JMHS?  Just looking at your images - I can see East High's failure happening all over again...

Possible Safety Problems with Flat Roof for Gym of New School


Laura: The “flat roof” will have a slope of 1/8 inch to ¼ inch per foot to facilitate drainage. Flat roofs with side parapets can accumulate more snow than pitched roofs (similar to our houses) – but with modern codes – the effects of the additional snow are accounted for in the design of the supporting steel structure. .

If the drainage clogs and ice piles up – more than the weight of the snow included in the design of the supporting steel structure – then this extreme condition can cause sagging and possible collapse.

The new school has the blessings of Councilman Sweeney – a corrupt politician – who is known not to treat adversaries kindly. Let’s hope Mother Nature will not mess with our powerful councilman and leave the new school alone – no one knows how he will display his wrath..


Acute Aesthetic problems- flat cement bloc Mart Sweeney High Sch

 This is for certain the UGLIEST structure I have seen.    

If anyone knows of an UGLIER structure, please email me with your information. 

Welcome to the first day of SCHOOL, students.....

Clearly, Mr. Sweeney has no design pride.

Councilman Sweeney's opinions

Jeff: Councilman Sweeney who has said he has no appreciation for either art or architecture -- believes the new school will be a beautiful building. In addition, he has stated that the new school (without an auditorium or a swimming pool or underground running tracks -- like the historic JMH that Mr. Sweeney helped destroy) will be a state-of-the-art high school for the 21st century.

Utter nonsense!