John Marshall High School, Cleveland, Ohio - demolition discussion

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:35.

 In 2012 John Marshall High School on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio was demolished.    This book is an compendium of reports - most reports authored by the indefatigable and selfless Satinder Puri -  about the community effort to Save John Marshall.

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Mr. Puri's John Marshall demo - 3 days most popular content

 It is interesting to watch the "most popular today" column on the right hand side of Realneo.

Many times, even with admin ability to look at where the traffic to the link came from (searches), it is impossible to figure out why the link is popular. 

Maybe a school teacher gave out a lesson and referenced the link - so all the kids hit it for their homework.  

Who knows...

But this is one of the weird aspects of reporting to Realneo.   It can be months or years after you put the material on line - and finally the material comes of age and gets tons of traffic. 

Mr. Puri's material is still in its web infancy.   (thanks for all your hard work Mr. Puri!)