In 7th Year, REALNEO.US Surpasses 500K Annual Unique Visitor and 1 Million Annual Page Visit Levels

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 03:15.

Google Analytics Traffic Data for for October 19 - November 18, 2010 (31 days)

Based on Google Analytics of traffic, we are now at a level that exceeds 500,000 unique visitors and 1,000,000 page visits per year, and both metrics have been growing steadily for as long as we have tracked our web traffic metrics... so expect to exceed 1 million hits per year forever hereafter. By how much we exceed these metrics, with what growth rate for the future, is up to our members and community who create the content here that now attracts over 1,000,000 reads a year.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Local Foods and Sustainability Portals

What is certain is that realNEO is the greatest social media success story in the region and probably throughout the state of Ohio, and quite special and unique in the world... and growing in relative global importance, as well.

Relative to other web portals of all sorts, in Northeast Ohio and statewide, we are certainly communications and community leaders valued by many clusters of interests worldwide (about 73% of realNEO traffic originates in the United States, and the remainder is international).

realNEO versus Ohio Environmental Action Portals

In this update to the 2010 REALNEO.US Annual Report, I am featuring analytics of the past year of traffic, as measured by their methodologies (which are US-only and derived via proprietary methods, but consistent for all websites presented and so comparable), versus dozens of other websites of important organizations and initiatives in Northeast Ohio and Ohio, organized in interesting categories.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Public Health Portals

I have not tried to be exhaustive but have covered broad territory of interest to our members and readers, well represented in our content. Feel free to go to and try other comparisons and report any interesting findings relative to realNEO or otherwise of interest about Northeast Ohio - there is great insight to be found through such comparative analyses.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Economic Development Portals

When I founded, I proposed to leadership of most of the organizations represented in these analyses that we most work openly together as a community, and leverage open source information technology as a community, to transform the region into a rewarding new economy era. has stayed open and true to that vision and promise, and is transforming the regaion and the world, while these analyses show leaders of other organizations have largely failed to achieve traction and value from social media. I suppose NEO leaders hope to serve the community's information needs via tweets and Facebook, as they are failing to use the WWW well.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Community Development Portals

From my first posting on - - October 7, 2004:

REALNEO Development Plan

REALNEO is being developed by Northeast Ohio regional economic development leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and other concerned citizens, with the support of many global information technology experts, to provide the region with a unique, world-class unforked open source framework providing the optimal virtual social network,collaboration and knowledge management systems for economic development and entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio (and be the best in the world).

REALNEO stands for Regional Economics Action Links North East Ohio. This "ABOUT" "book" is our plan of action developing this community. Here are answered 12 questions asked of the developers to deploy this solution in this community and secure support and funding. Please read through to understand the concept and related development issues - feel free to post your comments.

Perhaps now, into 7 years later, NEO community leaders should revisit the realNEO development plan and consider how they may join real leaders in the realNEO community in transforming the region via our new economy revolution, enabled via

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Community Development Corporation Portals

The lack of collaboration in support of in the Northeast Ohio economic development community has harmed our regional competitiveness, and delayed development of What community leaders have thrown at citizens in response - largely in attempted competition against - has cost citizens dearly, and failed. A great example of that was Voices and Choices... an opportunity forever lost.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Government Portals

Now, attracts traffic comparable to the city of Cleveland - far beyond Cleveland City Council and other area cities - and we are growing as the region is shrinking.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Cultural Portals

Even compared to some of Ohio's greatest treasures - like the Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Botanical Gardens - attracts more consistent global traffic, with better trends for the future.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio "Blog" Portals

In a class that defies categorization, but is often compared to blogs, stands alone. Our traffic is more in the league of the top print publications in the region, which are of course heavily funded and well staffed commercial operations that together spend $ millions a year on their virtual community presences.

Most of the organizations presented in these analyses spend large amounts annually developing and maintaining their web presences... versus, which is owned and operated by a cooperative of members (and all are welcome), funded by donations from members, and operated with the barest-boned of budgets, and so is sustainable and powerful.

realNEO versus Northeast Ohio Print Media Portals (excluding

It is interesting to reflect on what would have been if had been embraced as the platform for Jump Start, or even just supported with content by their leaders... and for Voices and Choices, as was the obvious choice... and for many other portals we have influenced and inspired along the way... if bloggers in the region had developed their content on our open source, open membership platform for this community, rather than whatever commercial blogging package they locked themselves into... if more regional politicians, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and representatives of our many community development organizations had joined, along the years, and shared their plans for the region with our community here... and it is interesting to reflect on when they will join, as we continue to grow.

% Change in traffic to and largest Northeast Ohio Print Media Portals

If the leaders of Northeast Ohio had embraced real change and realNEO, rather than fight against our community along the way, we would have more traffic at realNEO than today. And that is the primary reason we do not have more traffic than today, being their predatory business practices influencing bad leaders in the region AGAINST POSITIVE CHANGE.

Wouldn't want to risk hurting the circulation of our precious dying Plain Dealer, as we build the new economy that replaces that disaster...

And, according to compete, we grew over 100% last year while barely grew 10%. The writing is in the spreadsheets.

The fact is, now in our 7th year, will continue to grow in traffic, membership, importance and value to this community and the world, forever and ever, and for our community leaders to deny that fact is complete ignorance, disrespectful of citizens at many levels, and reprehensible.

Thank you members for staying active with this community and making us what we are today, which is the dominant virtual community of our physical community.

Now to put in place and promote more new, better leaders of our region, to replace those still failing us today, so the region may have as bright a future as does

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impressive, Norm

Thank you for taking the time to monitor the stats.

Nice...can you show stats since July 01, 2010 by the week?

Thanks, Norm...It's interesting to me in relation to the almost 30,000 flyers that I distributed during the campaign with my on them....I hope that that helped us out a ton!!!! 

Are you able to know from what zip codes folks are visiting? Just curious about these kind of things...

No stats by zip code or physical address

No stats by zip code or physical address - by city yes (and that is not by any "city" type definition but very general... the stats are based on your network access and that does not usually relate to yoru physical address.

I can run stats for Cleveland by week etc... I'll take a look at some reports and see if I see spikes for anything before the primary - our traffic really peaks and flows for many reasons so it is rare there are patterns related to any one post or event. but it does happen.

Disrupt IT


Where ever I go...whomever I speak with...including all the lines, I wait in, at the store, the doctors' office...when I go online to other states...I always find REALNEO to offer "Others" to come I said...I wish I had the money to "MAKE CARDS" with this sites name...until then, I have taken "recipe" cards and cut them in four, and written REALNEO name on...along with where to go for MASTER PLAN our city and all the other cities in the nation...every city HAS a MASTER PLAN....but, REAL NEO, lets all of us, have the information, of all the CORRUPTION.