Cuyahoga County Land Bank - SIGN the PETITION to end the Scams - Your HUD dollars at WASTE- Demand the Removal of Gus Frangos

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 Sooner than later the Federal Government is going to run out of money.  The government needs to end the wasteful spending and a good place to end the waste is with HUD.

HUD is wasting MILLIONS and MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in the  Cuyahoga County Land Bank.

HUD is giving or nearly giving the Cuyahoga County Land Bank hundreds of properties to keep the property out of the hands of risky out-of-state flippers.  Out-of-state flippers that don't have a care in the world about Cuyahoga County and their main desire is to purchase the property at give away prices and 'flip' the property for a quick profit.

The Cuyahoga County Land Bank is deeply concerned about these flippers contributing to the foreclosure crisis and blight in our county and has convinced HUD to remove the property from the free market and give the land bank control of the property.

We are now a communist county with the government in control of our real estate.

 HUD gives the land bank property to avoid out-of-state risky flipping, and  the land bank  turns right around and gives the property to the same risky out-of-state flippers that they were so concerned about.

Over and over again.  The flippers are making a killing in Cuyahoga County and it is mostly the same connected group of out-of-state flippers who receive taxpayer property.

The county land should be a short term solution to demolishing property that is vacant, vandalized, and beyond repair.  Then the land bank must be dismantled and allow the free market to take over as it has done for years.

The Cuyahoga County Land Bank is a scam.

Gus Frangos, president of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, needs to be removed from his position immediately.  Frangos' six figure salary is a good starting block to get rid of some waste.

An on-line petition has been recently started demanding the removal of Gus Frangos from the county's land bank.   If you are sick and tired of government corruption, scams, waste, conflicts of interest, then please sign the petition here


There are several reasons that Gus Frangos needs to removed from the county land bank.  He has violated the public's trust, he has engaged in numerous conflicts of interest, and he can not be trusted to be in control of millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of parcels of land.

Frangos is the master of creating LLCs and hiding real estate- this creates an extremely dangerous position within the county's land bank.

Frangos is allegedly saving us from the foreclosure crisis; meanwhile he has been named as a defendant in several foreclosure / civil real estate contract court filings in Cuyahoga County.

Frangos's six figure salary is paid by the collection of delinquent property tax fees; meanwhile Frangos' shell properties were tax delinquent for years, some still are delinquent, and others lost via delinquent property tax foreclosure auction.  Ironically, Gus Frangos wrote and passed legistlation to target others for tax delinquencies with the threat of foreclosure.  This scam classifies GUS FRANGOS as a HYPOCRITE.

The Cuyahoga County Land Bank is allegedly saving us from blight; meanwhile Gus Frangos has blighted an entire neighborhood with nearly 10 dump properties hidden behind LLCs which he signed the mortgage for after the transfer to the LLCs.  Dumps that look like they are in the middle of a war zone.  Vacant, vandalized and wide open to the elements and crime.  Dumps that were property tax delinquent for years, while Gus Frangos collected rent for the dumps and a six figure salary paid via the collection of delinquent property taxes.

I usually include photos and several links with my blogs; however either the land bank mob or their connected group of mob flippers are trying to shut me up and stop me from spreading the word.  My computer has been hacked repeatedly and I am unable to post photos or copy much of anything - for now.

I can, however, copy just a few simple links before my computer starts freezing and flashing.   

One of the links is for Anti-Cuyahoga County Land Bank  facebook page.   A friend set up the other page on facebook and someone demanded that it be removed alleging that a false person opened the facebook account.  The person has been gravely ill and unaware that the facebook page was removed due to complaints.   This is a link to the new Anti-Cuyahoga County Land Bank  facebook page that will NOT be removed.   The facebook page has lots of information on Gus Frangos and the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.  Feel free to browse, like and share:

The other link is for the petition.  Many people have expressed fear over signing the petition.  They are concerned that their signature will bring building and housing inspectors knocking on their door in retaliation.

No one has ever knocked on the doors of Gus Frangos LLC shell property that looks like it is in a war zone.  Despite ceilings and floors caving in, unsecured fire traps with doors and windows wide open -inviting  criminals,  NO complaints were ever filed in court.  I can't copy any of the photos because of my computer issues, but this is a link to several photographs of the dumps.


Please sign the petition and share with others.  Cuyahoga County deserves better.  Help get rid of Gus Frangos:


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Several hundred emails were sent

Several hundred emails detailing the Gus Frangos / Cuyahoga County Land Bank scam were recently sent to various parties, including all of the parties that attended the Cuyahoga County Land Bank Conference, elected officials, media, HUD, President Obama,  etc.


Only one elected official responded:


Thanks for keeping me informed of your concerns.

Dale Miller


** Remember this at election time. **


Fannie Mae wanted no part of details on this scam and  requested to be removed from the email list:


Please remove me from your distribution list.



Robert Brunk | REO Alternative Dispositions | FannieMae 



* My blogs expressing my Freedom of Speech Rights, especially on matters of public concern, are my opinion and not the opinion of my friends, family or employer*

  Cuyahoga County Charter


Cuyahoga County Charter Review Commission to hold meetings




The Cuyahoga County Land Bank is in desperate need of a new charter. It was basically created to have NO oversight. 
I wonder why? 
SIGN the PETITION and demand change




* My blogs expressing my Freedom of Speech Rights, especially on matters of public concern, are my opinion and not the opinion of my friends, family or employer*