Another Gusher in Ohio

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 06/22/2010 - 17:54.

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If earth's atmosphere were an ocean, the earth's surface would be the ocean floor and the Perry Nuclear cooling tower would be a gusher of heat and humidity fouling our blue atmospheric ocean.   But we aren't so stupid, we know that the sky is not the sea.

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good one , Jeff

we aren't so stupid, are we?

above and below

 we are dumbing to death, literally. Last night I heard a local news person say that if we put all the oil that has spilled in the gulf into soda cans, why, there would only be 4 sodas per people. So the news slant is turning on this devastation, and today a federal judge shot down Obama's moratorium on ocean floor drilling. The rationale was that just because this happened once doesn't mean it has to happen again.

How short sighted can we be? 

They'll be singing a different tune in six more months

They'll be singing a different tune in six more months...

I'd hate to be recorded saying don't worry be happy now, considering this spill is not contained and the ecological disaster is just heading off to Europe, and we are ruining the world, and we will not be forgiven, and the people around the world don't read our papers and watch our talking heads...

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