realNEO ambient 14 Women in Hypnobirth in Waterbirth Falling Asleep While Having her Baby

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 08:44.

Women in labor under hypnobirth

This High Definition ambient film clip is of an expert hypnobirthing mother, during her third naturally-wonderful, perfect hypnobirth, January 31, 2010, in hard labor, fully dilated - no medications or medical intervantion, other than a midwife breaking her water, later - one hour and 10 minutes before the baby was delivered - where she falls asleep between strong contractions that are less than 2 minutes apart. She has been up the entire night before tiling a bathroom, has not slept, and was stressed until she began focusing on her hypnobirthing.

She - my wife - and I strongly recommend hypnobirthing.

She is also waterbirthing - her first real opportunity to deliver that way - and that is amazing, as well.

Title: realNEO ambient 14 - Women in Hypnobirth, in Waterbirth, Falling Asleep While Having her Baby

StarringEvelyn Kiefer Roulet
Clara Evelyn Roulet
Amazed Observers

ProducerNorm Roulet
LocationHospital Room
Cleveland, Ohio realNEO

Time12:10 PM
Fully dilated
Hard labor
1 hour 10 minutes
before delivery

Contractions2 minutes apart

CameraPanasonic AG-HMC40PU

Tags: hypnobirth waterbirth pregnant "natural childbirth" midwife realneo ambient "Norm Roulet" "Evelyn Kiefer Roulet"

I love you Evelyn!

I love you Evelyn!

Tiling a bathroom the night pre-birth! Talk about nesting! All the gals are sO looking forward to seeing you and yours...

Speaking of nesting...

The chickens stayed busy with natural reproduction, as well - they laid about a dozen eggs in their nest, while Evelyn had one baby.

And you should see that bathroom (actually, two)...

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granpa or uncle yogi & guy - now its official - we are family -

granpa or uncle yogi & guy - now its official - we are family - roulets - realneo-coop

yogi and guy

It is so interesting for me to watch myself in labor ...

It is so interesting for me to watch myself in labor because I was n't really there in a sense. The Waterbirthing seemed to really help enhance the hynotic state. I have done Hypnobirthing three times now but this was the most natural yet. Previously things like ivs, blood pressure cuffs and lying on a bed have brought me back to reality during HypnoBirth.

The HypnoBirthing Website ...

Here is a link to the Hypnobirthing Mongan Method Website

There are classes offered in Cleveland.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering having a baby to check out HypnoBirthing and Waterbirth.


A Great Service

Dear Evelyn--your willingness to make this very private experience public will lead to revolutionary and needed change.  Thank you Norm for beautifully filming the process and to your family for their support. 

I Contacted the Hospital about promoting this...

This is a story that needs to be told and understood worldwide.

I contacted the Hospital about promoting this... ultimately, hospitals are the organizations that market healthcare to end-consumers... I haven't heard back from our hospital...

For now, they are hospital X, and they must pay for use of this content for their self-promotion and marketing. If they are smart, they shall.

"Realneo" content is valuable, making our model for REALNEO valuable to individuals and REALNEO... REALNEO will get a cut of any proceeds...

I'm still waiting for the PD to find some poor woman in the streets to drop a baby for their front page hypnobirthing story... yes, the PD has discovered HypnoBirthing, but certainly not on REALNEO, from a friend of many at the PD.

Of course, capitalists think they make less "billable" money delivering babies this way... but aren't we trying to reduce global healthcare spending and waste...?!?!

How about reducing the suffering of women and children?!?!

As an economist, I'm sure I can prove this puts the hospital on-top financially in every way, as well.

I look forward to sharing with REALNEO and the world our complete itemized bill for services... it should look like the bill from a spa... a nice room with jacuzzi and turn-down service, three nice meals, and three or four talented caring people on call 24x7, providing comfort services as needed... and a big insurance premium for emergencies.

A couple $1000 tops...

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  What a wonderful birth! 


What a wonderful birth!  It's great to see water immersion being made available for more Moms.


For any Moms who can't get to classes they can use the GentleBirth hypnobirthing homestudy course.  You can work at your own pace in your own home and you have the support of your GentleBirth guide throughout your pregnancy.

Yes it was... wait until you see the end

We took a class in Hypnobirthing, which required planning and scheduling about 6 months out... I was wondering if there is a program for women who want to try hypnobirthing but don't have a class available.

May you personally endorse this product, and are you paid to market this?

Your profile says you are a student midwife...

Are you in Ireland?!?!

Do you have any first hand perspectives on HypnoBirthing, or viewpoints from worldwide?

Thanks for finding us here...

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