Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 01/13/2010 - 07:20.

REALNEO is a cooperative, eternal, free, open source social network operating with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) - it is designed to manage content for individuals, who are registered users, and who own the CMS, as a co-op, and own their individual content, as individuals. Members have traditionally used REALNEO to manage their personal thoughts and ideas, through blog postings and comments, along with events, polls, and links to the content of others. Some users use the CMS capabilities of the site more than others, adding files, photographs and video to their content.

As digital imaging and especially higher definition video grow into dominant uses of the Internet, and sources of rich media content being created and accessed explode, individuals find themselves creating large amounts of digital data they must store or manage for remote use or distribution, usually through a commercial service site like YouTube. No current commercial rich content storage and management strategy in the marketplace seems well positioned to be survivable, in the long term, nor meet the needs of individuals well - especially with our unique Cooperative model - and making such a service available to individuals is a growing need for REALNEO/COOP members and all individuals. As such, I am building this capability for our future.

As a demonstration of the need and value of such a capability, to show the development process in action, and because it is time, I am now generating a data warehouse of broadcast-quality high definition videos and high resolution photographs - terabytes a week - and I am developing a technology platform to integrate with REALNEO to handle this rich content, in management, interface and technological capability.

For now, enjoy this diverse, original video content of real NEO being created and posted here, for this warehouse, as samples in this 365 NEO HD book, and at the YouTube Channel I'm employing now for further distribution, and to handle my content while the next generation of REALNEO image management and distribution capabilities are under development.

Feedback always welcome - haters not.