realNEO homemovie 1 Women in HypnoBirth in Waterbirth Delivering Baby Happy

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 02/06/2010 - 09:29.

Expert hypnobirthing mother, during her third naturally-wonderful, perfect hypnobirth, January 31, 2010, delivering and receiving her baby - no medications or medical intervention - one hour and 10 minutes after she falls asleep between strong contractions here.

Notice the complete lack of screaming, scalpels, doctors, pain and gore... not one drop of blood in the water - observe the natural joy and beauty, and the smile on the mother's face just moments after childbirth... the baby immediately comforted in her arms.

The midwife is heard saying "Not a small child" - she was right... 8 pounds 13 ounces.

The mother - my wife - and I strongly recommend hypnobirthing.

We also strongly recommend waterbirthing.

Title: realNEO homemovie 1 Women in HypnoBirth in Waterbirth Delivering Baby Happy

Starring Evelyn Kiefer Roulet
Clara Evelyn Roulet
(world debut)
A wonderful midwife

Producer/Filmmaker Norm Roulet
Location Hospital Room
Cleveland, Ohio, realNEO

Date  2010-01-31
Time  exactly 1:21 PM - Moment of delivery

CameraPanasonic AG-HMC40PU

Of course, there are other ways to live our lives...

This baby only weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces... 2 ounces 4 ounces smaller than Clara

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30 percent of all babies born in the United States... C-section

Women Opting for Cesarean Must Weigh Risks Against Benefits


A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that more than a third of C-section are performed too early -- before 39 weeks -- putting newborns at greater risk for a variety of health problems.

While many of these C-sections are medically indicated, the study found that more than half are done on an elective basis. 36 percent of women having elective C-sections scheduled their delivery before the recommended 39 weeks, making babies more likely to visit the intensive care unit, have infections and develop respiratory distress.

Researchers say that elective C-sections are safest for the baby when done between 39 to 41 weeks of gestation and that women considering elective C-sections should wait until that point for the safest delivery.

Though surgical know-how has grown with the increased use of C-sections, doctors say it is still important for women to weigh all possible risks against possible benefits when opting for the procedure.

The Web site provides a physician panel-reviewed list of pros and cons of both vaginal birth and C-sections:

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                   WOW! I'M BREATHLESS. That looked painful! I hate that anyone would have to go through that. I enjoyed the water birth video.

clara sounds like norm and norm sounds like clara

clara sounds like norm and norm sounds like clara

yogi and guy

Sharing hypnobirthing with 1,000s... Clara's first Saturday

I'm pleased to see this video already had over 700 views in its first day on YouTube - plus this posting had about 150 reads on realNEO - on a Saturday (when we average about half the traffic of a Monday).

Also on the subject of hypnobirthing, this week... add about 700 YouTube views and about 300 realNEO views of "realNEO ambient 14 Women in Hypnobirth in Waterbirth Falling Asleep While Having her Baby"... and add about 1150 realNEO views of the posting that introduced the subject this week - "Thank you Ronn Richard, Richard and David Goldberg, and the Board of the Cleveland Foundation" - and we see nearly 3,000 people chose to became directly informed about the little-understood topic of hypnobirthing, effectively and efficiently, with the highest level of authenticity and expertise possible, because that is now possible.

Imagine how many people these satisfied customers have informed!

Clara is already making a big difference on this planet...

Wait until week 2, in the life of Clara....

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On the 7th Day, Clara is offered income for being Clara

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What is still missing is an optimal infomediation system for such exceptional content, which normal individuals like Evelyn, Clara and I may create every day in the new economy...

I am solving that problem for Clara now.

In the eman time, here is the best economic opportunity offered Clara in the new economy for being Clara, at day 7.

She won't be taking this offer... she has time to live and learn and to shall share her story with the world for free.

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                    Hey, Norm; man that video would have made jaws feel like a pet.                                                              GO CLARA! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Very tasteful

 Thank you for the great video work, Norm!

I remember

Wow, both of my kids came into this world via waterbirth. It was cool to see them unclench their little fists, relax and take their first breaths. There was no tension in the room, our hearts were louder than the soft music in the background, we could hear everything and yet you could hear a pin drop and the baby's first sound.