Our friend, Ed Hauser get's more press

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sat, 05/17/2008 - 11:07.
Ed Hauser from Bluehole Productions

Do oldschoolers read blogs and e-newsletters? Maybe not, but they do perhaps read the news in Cleveland Magazine and the Cleveland Scene. They might scan through Coolcleveland - cause it makes them seem cool. Oh yeah and Tom Mulready is an insider with his board position on the CVB (+ or -).

Ed Hauser is featured in three publications in recent weeks talking about the Port - not in glowing terms as it were...

Ed Hauser with Cleve skyline in backEd in Cleveland Magazine - Brining the Pain

Ed Hauser with boat trailer - Cleveland SceneEd in Scene Magazine - That Sinking Feeling/Moving the port will cost $600 million, take 20 years, and leave broken promises in its wake

Ed in Coolcleveland - A Conversation with "Citizen" Ed Hauser and a week later Ed Replies

This afternoon Ed has invited us to get an update from Bob Brown, Cleveland City Planning Director on the fate of the dilapidated Coast Guard Station. That and watch and learn as Dimora and Lawson Jones dedicate the new roadway and bridge to Whiskey Island. (Hagan is "through with these discussions", so probably won't attend.) Not only that, but we'll have a chance to grill Paul Alsenas, County Planning Director on what appear to be either "slow as molasses in January" or "dead in the water" initiatives for the Cuyahoga Valley.

I wonder if anyone will say these words - "lakefront plan"?

These guys are all smoke IMHO. Ed, though, Ed's the fire.

See you soon Ed at Whiskey Island Ed, and afterward if the Sunset Grille is open, I'll buy you a beer to celebrate Whiskey Island being public greenspace for another day.

Oh yeah, and if you thought "The Return of the Cuyahoga" was a sleeper, get ready for a more a more REALNEO film about our river. It's a feature length documentary by the guys at Bluehole Productions called "Walking the River".

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