Ed Hauser Benefit Appreciation Letter

Submitted by john szymkowski on Thu, 12/18/2008 - 18:32.

For those who say there are no Angels, boy do we have a testimonial for you! When trying to figure out where to have such a large event- an angel by the name of Cindy Barber offered us her establishment and made the time to meet and spend precious time with us in order to help plan this event. (What a cool place) It’s more than a plumb! When questions arose on how to get this fundraiser organized, an angel by the name of Susan Miller came to us and offered not only her guidance, support, and small army of additional angels who we will mention further down in this letter. At this point in time, Mary & I both looked at each other and let out a huge sigh of relief and said, “Angels do exist!” When we needed help getting a Flyer drafted and printed, and many other miscellaneous duties Ray Saikus worked thru the night to get it done. Ray thanks to you and Citizensvision Team for working the door and and the raffle tickets! When trying to figure out who would help us with entertainment not even a slight pause was given from the Hindulak Family- Dave & Karyn you both helped us out in so many areas whether DJ’ing, Printing Posters, Making Food, Working the Event---you are truly Great Friends, angels from heaven! (Hey you guys look good on TV! ) When we reached out for a projector, that same day Susan Miller hooked me up with a person from one of the “Branches” who would donate the machine for the event… When we reached out and asked for help in the way of someone being able to put the Power Point Presentation together, we met our next pair of Angels… Martha Eakin, and Jeff Buster!

Your presentation was priceless, and believe me when tell you I had to hold back a few tears watching this beautiful presentation. (Norm Roulet thank you for your pictures as well) And thanks for digging the band! Jonathan, and Rod, Thank You for your Great bio on Eddy!

Just when I thought the “tee shirt” idea was not going to become a reality, two more Angels stepped up and came through… Thank You, Peter and Joann. I proudly wore my shirt out to dinner last night,but put my jacket back on for fear of getting sketti sauce on it…. (Mary can’t take me anywhere!)

The band that I am a member of called “The Effect” who, besides myself never met Ed Hauser all agreed without hesitation to donate many evening practices during the workweek to prepare for Special Songs to be dedicated to Ed for the event. Thanks, Drew, Emil, Paul, Ryan, and Saam This was ONLY are 3rd Gig! (1st in a bar)

Ed Deprins, I am so glad we got Ed’s Les Paul on stage, you sounded good. Plzz continue to play, it comes so easy for you!

When help was much needed to reach out for raffle donations, friends and family such as Michele Peterson, Tony, Fran & Lisa Szymkowski, The DiEgidio family, Pam Velasquez, Ed & Cindy DePrins, Michelle & John Swancer, Derik & Amy Masek, Bill & Dar Murray, Steve & Susan Burress, Cathy Stahurski, Saam, Jeannie Sureck, Joe Gubbini, The Geracks, Joe Sarog, Amber and the list goes on & on...all of you “Angels” helped us get through yet another day. (Remember we had ONLY about 3 weeks) And I will “Quote” Susan Miller, “ John don’t take this the wrong way, but you are pulling this one out of your ass” Then when food donations were looking rather bleak, Angels such as Cindy & Ed Deprins, Kim & Rich, Linda Bennet, Owners from local bars & restaurants, especially Anthony’s, Bleachers, PF Flyers, and ScoreKeepers in Parma stepped up! and that list also goes on and on….reached out to save the day for us. Tim Kerchenski, a Big Thanks for the trips you made picking up donations and dropping them off at the house. That saved us so much time, when we had next to none to spare….. When it came to making baskets for the event—Angels such as The Fuchik’s, Cindy Deprins, and Bill and Dar Murray came to the rescue for us! Bill Nice Job on getting that Pete Rose Jersey! Then when it came to working the event, a small army of angels rose to occasion without question— Karyn & Jason Hindulak, Cindy DePrins, Tony Zarlinga, Linda Bennet, Michele Peterson, Michele & John Swancer, Sean Szymkowski…you all really worked hard! Panic set in on December 12th, when we had no paper supplies donated yet and then all of a sudden my phone rings and another angel calls me to say he would take care of all the paper plates, plastic ware, and napkins… We really do not know who this person was, he said he was a friend of Ed’s and he wanted to help, we thank this unknown person very much! To the “Brothers” ….. Bill, Derik, Steve, Tim, I cannot Thank You enough for ALL your help in making Ed’s Benefit a HUGE success. It is a rarity to have a close niche of friends who have been there for each other for so many years now. (May we be blessed with Many More!) If you do not know Steve won the Whiskey Island jacket and cap and gave it to me for my efforts. I had a moment, if you know what I mean. Steve it was unnecessary but I love the jacket and cap!Thanks Boss. Mary Szymkowski – My “Angel” without you and your help I could have not gotten this to fly. Sylvia Hauser – for “Stepping Up” you know what I mean. We admire your strength! Ed Hauser – “The Biggest Angel in all of this” (Thanks Martha) The list of “Angels” goes on and on, we do not have enough space to recognize each and every one of you, however in whatever way you helped us out, we truly feel that we are blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. With all said and done now, please know that you have all helped out the Hauser Family and have eased multiple burdens that the family is going through and in saying that, I think Ed would be so proud of each and every one of you! This was the best Christmas Gift we could have ever asked for and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Wishing you, Peace, Health, Prosperity, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for Sharing the Love,John & Mary Szymkowski12/17/08

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For the love of Ed

Ed did not operate out of free market self-interest--the prevailing operating strategy for NEO--he worked to make our community better for all of us. 

As the winter solstice approaches, and the light returns, I hope that we can find a way to topple the tyranny of greed in NEO to find a cooperative solution to our collective problems.  RealNEO is working towards sustainable communities.  Login and join the chorus for change. 

Ed will always be our angel driving us to help each other to appreciate the resources we must share--land, water and air.  Immortal.