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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 12/31/2008 - 03:40.


When "Citizen" Ed Hauser died, he left behind instructions for his community, shown above. Core to his citizen gifts to us was creating an "Office of Citizen" to insure work such as Ed's may continue to protect citizens, whoever dies. This book on REALNEO contains content related to Ed's work on the issues he felt were important, and new issues important to the community, since Ed's death... it is a living place, like our community. This is both a permanent record and a place for action. Follow Ed's lead - comment - add content - be a great citizen... help turn this region and world around.

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Cuyahoga County Commissioners... Ed Hauser deserves your respect

One flaw in Ed's strategy (above) was thinking of going to the Cleveland Foundation's Civic Innovation Lab for funding for the Office of Citizen. They give out chump change and cheap career development support for the friends of their foundations, and Ed was not their friend.

The Cleveland Foundation is controlled by a board that includes Tana Carney, who appears to live with John Carney, in Rocky River. As real estate development and legal strongman of the Cleveland Cuyahoga Port Authority, John Carney treated Ed more poorly and caused Ed more harm in life than any person I know of - Carneys should not be in charge of any money in the community expected to help citizens.

Ed should have taken his vision straight to the County Commissioners, as I am now (hi commissioners). They and other County leaders actually showed Ed support, respect and decency. Now, I expect them to show support, respect and decency to all citizens, by funding the Office of Citizen in Ed's memory.

The first charge of Office of Citizen should be removing the Cleveland Foundation and their resident geniuses from control of our regional economic development leadership structure, strategies and tax revenues. We must find, analyze and go after all the public money they are diverting from social good to personal friends and families of regional leadership and commercial interests.

Then, Federal agents should clean up the mess they have made for themselves.

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