Submitted by Satinder P S Puri on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 18:45.
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I predict another levy request -from GCP crooks


Dear Satinder - I predict the corrupt handlers of Jackson, Sweeney et. council - will be asking for another bond levy to finish their prison-complex schools.The PD has already primed voters.  To bad they can't just pull the fast one Cuyahoga County Public Library played on taxpayers with their 110 million dollar construction program - engineered in part, no doubt, by local contractors and design folks.

READ how the deal was constructed in the 2010 Bond Buyer



The debt is technically termed a note as it is payable from the state's Public Library Fund. Ohio finances the PLF through property

taxes, distributing the money among its 88 counties, which then pass it to the various library systems.