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Submitted by DerekArnold on Tue, 02/26/2008 - 21:11.

I am one of the livebloggers representing Meet The Bloggers at Channel 3 Studios in Cleveland, not too far from the Democratic primary debate.  I am liveblogging the debate via my Blogger blog, subset of derek and via twitter.

I, of course, am pulling for Obama.

If you have any questions or comments about my take on it, feel free to shoot me a message.

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It is a very positive development that reporters like you who are grass roots bloggers are invited to,  and are attending, such crucial national governmental functions as the Hillary – Obama debate in Cleveland, Ohio.  


When one writes conscientiously as you do, it is easy to see why you were invited.


Tell it like it is.  Be Real!




Derek, George, Gloria, Tim et al...

Thanks to you all for your time heart nimble fingers and words. I read them all, I enjoyed them all!!!

All I know is that I wouldn't want to play poker with Obama. That is one smart classey guy. He gave Shrillary all the rope that she demanded, and then calmly watched her hang herself with it.

Some have pointed out her use of I-I-I-I...

That isn't what bothers me. Hillary loves to use the royal "We." (The same one that the Queen of England uses)

I thought that Obama's comment about her taking credit for "their" (her's and Bill's) work in the White House was wonderful, as he also insisted that she take the blame for the bad decisions too (like NAFTA).

Truely a thoughtful gamesman., not even Monopoly

using "of course" gratuitously

Derek, I never assume anything. With a guy as thoughtful and principled as you--and therefore as unique and as unpredictable--"of course" should not be part of the equation.


We should never assume you'd be for Obama just because he's the guy, and Hilary isn't.


Am I making sense?

Viva Obama

  Because our country is still a sexist country...I am glad that Saturday Night Live provided the analysis on why it is easy to hate Hillary.  I feel for her.  I get the bitch treatment, too.  Our country does need to find a common ground and I will vote for Obama, because we can't get everything at once, and, at the very least, we need to make an effort to clean this house.  Hillary would have scrubbed the toilet while she was at it, but Obama will at least make it smell clean.

On the streets of Old San Juan, my sister and I spent the day with a Peruvian/Canadian drug company representative.  Thank you Jovari for making it a memorable experience.  Jovari (spelling?) was in Puerto Rico with 2,500 other pharmaceutical reps, because the Canadian Pharmaceutical industry has had its best year ever.   Canadians want McCain to win--which is why I will vote Obama.  

Did I see any signs of the political struggle here in Puerto Rico?  No--there seems to be complete indifference.  No Obama fever, yet, but then again, San Juan has a different mentality.  Corruption seems accepted as the general rule.   

Are Canadians really for McCain

Hola, Laura... nice to see you back... isn't the snow pretty!

Are Canadians statistically for McCain, as a nation or by any groups, or are just all drug company people in the world for McCain, because either Obama or Clinton will rock their world.

Disrupt IT

Miss Generalization

  Okay--I shouldn't generalize.  Just the take I got from our Canadian friend.  Actually, there were a lot of Canadians enjoying the sun in Puerto Rico.  Back now.  Snow vs. sand.  Hmmm.  It's a toss-up?

it's been quiet around here, and now I know why

I really hadn't realized you were gone, but looking back on it, it has been sort of quiet around here. Welcome home.


I thought I would give it a rest.  Tim, you should enjoy some of the rants on this librarian page.  Check out the Bollywood Obama ad.  There is a lot to be said for the right marketing.  Something we need more of-- here in NEO.

Library website...

Hey Laura, now that you are all rested up... I've got a challenge for you to help with. I met a woman on the EC Library board and they need to upgrade/replace their website. I Cleveland Library just took the CLP website to Drupal - can we help ECPL do the same (I have the City of East Cleveland website in Drupal, so they could collaborate too) - perhaps we can team the two systems up on IT - share theme and module development, etc... that would be a good demonstration of regionalism! Who do you know in IT at CPL?

Speaking of libraries, websites and regionalism, I took a look at the Cuyahoga County library website and now understand the difference between the Cuyahoga library and the Cleveland library, and problem with regionalism in general... and that is substance. The Cleveland library has some of the greatest library substance in the world, and it shows through their website. The Cuyahoga libraries have no substance - no collections - arts - history - they are just fixed book mobiles for sprawl communities needing a place to drive and dump the kids... perhaps that is a bit harsh, but that is how I view the sprawlburbs in general, and that is what that library system serves, and the website is just about connecting sprawl people with sprawl libraries.

EC is a better match with Cleveland than Cuyahoga county... EC residents need the type of services Cleveland residents need, which are very different than in Bay Village.

So, Laura, set me in the right direction.

Disrupt IT

Viva la Biblioteca!

  Thanks for the stump, Norm--East Cleveland is part of the consortium known as Clevnet.  It would make sense for the consortium to consolidate their web access via one portal.  I am far removed from IT, but I hope that there is some push in this direction soon.  The levy vote is crucial, please remember to vote Obama on side one and Issue 2 on the back side!   Viva la Biblioteca!