More on the East Cleveland Obama Field Office - You can still help too !

Submitted by KMaCK on Mon, 09/29/2008 - 23:10.

Please come and help out or donate. EAST
CLEVELAND now has a small NEW Barack Obama Field office. It is on
Euclid at Roselynn, in the Solar Building (one block west of Superior).
It is across the street from Popeyes Chicken and next door to
SnickerFritz, the art house and music studio on Euclid. Entrance and
parking is in the back. You will have to ring the door bell at the back
door to get in.

There was an excellent turn out at the open house this past Sunday. A surprisingly good one especially for East Cleveland.

But the East Cleveland Obama Field office needs your help and support.

FIRST and FOREMOST, they need active working volunteers to work phone banks, update databases, and help canvas.

Second, there are items that the office is in dire need of - General office supplies - things like

  • scotch tape,
  • packing tape,
  • poster board,
  • permanent markers of all sizes, colors and shapes,
  • scissors,
  • tape measures,
  • folding tables,
  • SNACKS (bottled water, granola bars, nuts, etc.)
  • a Mini-Frig,
  • Organizational tools,
  • Dry Erase markers and Erasers
  • a small love seat and/or a BIG BEAN BAG,
  • paper towels and TP
  • a small radio or tape deck or CD player or some kind of music system. Something small.

And fresh flowers don't hurt

For more info., contact Jessica Byrd, EC Obama Field Office Manager. (216) 926-9276

A plan is underway to hopefully have a "barbeque" and voter
registration event in the parking lot of the East Cleveland Obama field
office this coming Sunday, Oct. 5th, but more has to be determined. But
keep your eyes and ears open for more events and more opportunities to

P.S. - If you want a yard sign, you have to do something to get one.
Make a donation, bring stuff, BRING PEOPLE to work, you work i.e.
canvass, make phone calls, etc.

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How about some love for Obama in EC from REALNEO

Please note, there is a wish list for a bunch of basic home office stuff you probably have sitting around the home/office - how about collecting a bunch of supplies up, and truckin on down to EC and say hi.

And remember - only about a week left to register voters, so now is an important time to volunteer to call, knock on doors, yell at cars, etc.

An excellent time to yell at cars will be this weekend, at the EC Obama HQ, at a prime spot on Euclid across from Popeyees - high traffic - we will have people out on the street all weekend with signs and doing anything to get people's attention about registering to vote - and we'll be registering people there and all around.

Let's make it a party - plan to bring some home cooking for volunteers and to volunteer - nothing like some good old fashion down home political activism to make life worth living!

And if Obama loses we may all soon die.

Disrupt IT

Encouraged-MAKE something!

I was encouraged to see that the folks I registered--actually show up at the Board of Elections registrant listing. 

We can all do our part.  MAKE a sign.  MAKE a t-shirt. 

I will drop by EC on Wednesday.  I am going to sandwich board myself tomorrow.  The end is NEAR!

Thanks !!! ... and keep coming !!!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to all the RealNEO members that have stopped by and brought food and office supplies. This has done SO much to warm the heart of the East Cleveland Obama Field Office manager, Ms. Jessica (pictured above) in this her first week and a half of even being open.

And as an East Cleveland resident, your support and ACTIONS are saying a lot to those of us, like Norm, who live here.

But above all else (and yes, we still need things), it will be your willingness to man phones, help canvas, make signs and wave them, that will make a HUGE difference.

FOR A FUN AND EASY WAY TO HELP, please join Jessica and the citizens of East Cleveland

this coming Saturday, Oct. 4th

for our 500 Knocks Canvassing Campaign.

The goal of the ECOFO is to complete a collective total of 500 door knocks in one day. The event will start at 11:AM. There will be a light "breakfast" and a brief orientation, then by 11:30 teams will disburse across EC to knock on 500 doors. The first set of teams will be out for 2 hours between 11:30 and 1:30. Upon their return, there will be a bit more substantial "lunch". Beginning at 2pm another set of teams will go out to continue knocking on doors. They too, will be out for 2 hours until 4pm. The more people, the more teams. The more teams, the more doors knocked upon. Won't you join us?

And if you don't want to knock on doors, we still need people to make sign's and be sign wavers on Euclid and on Superior, at the corner very close to the ECOFO.

We will also need to supplement food donations from local businesses with pot luck / covered dish items, ice and bottled water and drinks for people walking.

Again, Jessica, and the ECOFO wishes to thank you and wants to encourage you to CONTINUE to make donations - INCLUDING CASH - and to VOLUNTEER to WORK. CALL JESSICA BYRD to let her know what kind of work you want to do. (216) 926-9276


Shortened Schdule for Saturday Oct. 4th

The East Cleveland Obama Field Office has just learned of a fabulous opportunity to be part of an even larger event on Saturday.

Russell Simmons Super Jam Get Out The Vote at Willard Park in downtown Cleveland begins at 3:pm.

Willard Park is downtown nest to City Hall, at the corner of E. 9th and Lakeside. It's where the huge Claus Oldenberg FREE Stamp is.

The East Cleveland schedule for Saturday will most likely be shortened to just the morning in order to take advantage of this opportunity to join forces with the Greater Cleveland efforts at Willard park.

PLEASE CALL JESSICA AT (216) 926-9276 to get the latest and most accurate information.

Cioa !


Voter Registration Rally SATURDAY AFTERNOON

This Saturday, October 4th, join the Ohio Campaign for Change at a voter registration rally with NBA All-Star LeBron James, Cleveland Browns Pro-Bowler Willie McGinest, and hip hop leader and entertainment mogul Russell Simmons.

Here are the details:
Voter Registration Rally
with LeBron James, Willie McGinest, and Russell Simmons
Willard Park by the Free Stamp -- next to City Hall
Northwest Corner of Ninth and Lakeside Downtown Cleveland, OH

Saturday, October 4th at 3:00 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public.

Tickets are not required; however, an online RSVP is strongly recommended.
P.S. -- You don't have to wait for November 4th to vote for change.

Early voting has begun in Ohio -- but One-Stop Early Voting ends on Monday, October 6th. Find your early vote location and vote today: