America elects a First Father

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 11/05/2008 - 08:41.

Last night, I cried and it was a good cry. With the election of Barack Obama, America elected it's first real Father. The other firsts are so important, but to me, the real breakthrough was a country embracing two people, who love each other, and above all, love their daughters and every child in America. We have cause for celebration, but we also must realize that we, as a nation, have to start understanding the role of fathers and mothers in society.

Caring for our children means setting standards, caring for all children and preparing them for a life of learning, understanding, building, fixing and making their lives work, not for money, but for real happiness. It will not be easy. Yesterday, I needed HOPE and looked for a sign and it came to me in my everyday life: a mother and father, in the library with their son and daughter, working together to complete a science fair project for their kids. Admittedly, the kids looked a little befuddled by their parents' enthusiasm. But, I know that as they grow older and bear more responsibility they will look back on yesterday and realize that their mom and their dad cared. They will understand that problems can be solved together. Yes, WE CAN.

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Good information

  Today, the school visit will explore the topic of how decision-making occurs in government and why we elect leaders.

  How do we find and use information to make decisions?  Is it good information?

I only today found this site and this publication out of Atlanta, GA with urban distribution, including Cleveland--it bears watching: 


Adult behavior

I also feel reassured that with Barack and Michelle Obama in Washington, that our country will see real parenting in action.   Dignity and rational calmness, not the bickering and name-calling we have endured for so long.

We the people....

Yes, we can.... 

Father's Day 2009

  I was going to churn out some of my own recollections of my less-than-perfect father on this father's day, but our first father and president did a better job of it for me. 

How can someone not like this guy?  Every day, I have to hear folks struggle to identify themselves as black or white, male or female, mother or father, liberal or conservative, east or west.  Obama is so universal in his persona.  He really is all of us, somewhere in the middle. 

Today, I miss my father for all of his imperfections, but my father did live up to the responsibility that comes with fatherhood--taking care of some one other than one's self.  He did right by me.  So, I feel like one of the lucky ones in society--someone who feels better about a world with fathers like Barack Obama.  We only need more of them.