Fathers and Sons

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Big yellow building next to Euclid Tavern

The Plain Dealer this week featured the efforts of Dick Pace in restoring the Baker Electric Building on Euclid Ave. Today, I heard Nathan Carterette, the son of Bob Carterette, Head of Automation at Cleveland Public Library. It is interesting to me to see how sons reinvent themselves to distinguish themselves from their strong fathers. I know Dick Pace as one of my first landlords. He helped me as a fledgling with a first real job at CWRU by providing my first really nice living space in University Circle(He also briefly lived across from my sister and me in the historic 116th St. apartment building). I have to respect him for his appreciation of design, architecture and history. I also know that his father contributed to the success of TRW, as one of Cleveland's former Fortune 500 companies. We don't hear about TRW any more... But, Dick Pace is still here and so is Nathan Carterette, for now. I am glad that fathers and sons do find a common cause in NEO by elevating our lives beyond the ordinary.

116th Place My first apartment top floor balcony

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Parking garage

I had assumed that the building going up on East 117th and Euclid was yet another parking garage (see yellow building above--I liked it yellow). I was wrong. It's the new Speech and Hearing Center.

This can be a fortuituous pairing with Cleveland Institute of Music, as many of their graduates, unable to find orchestral work, often go on to work in the medical field of speech and hearing.