This Is The Most Peaceful Day in World History, As Our Worst Times Are Finally Over

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 11/04/2008 - 14:37.

There were just three other people voting at my polling location in East Cleveland, when I arrived around noon today... as beautiful a day as has ever been. After eight years under the Bush/Cheney dictatorship, today marks the end of a horrible era in world history, and the first day for the world to be as it should be.

There is a strange peace on Earth today I have never sensed in my lifetime. For most of my 40-some years, our American leaders have kept our people at war, or on high alert, never letting us in peace.

Barack Obama will become our next American leader, and he will join with other world leaders to bring peace to Earth forever hereafter.

I have no doubts, change has come.

What is your state of mind today? The New York Times offers an interesting way to see into the minds of others here.

Peace be with you!

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Amani Utupe - Grant Us Peace, Give Us Courage

Swahili - Grant Us Peace, Give Us Courage

I love following the news from afar, covering our presidential election, from international perspectives on BBC's "World Have Your Say", which is dedicating 25 hours to our election coverage, to stories of all-night election watch parties in Africa. This is truly a global celebration!

Read this, from the AP, and learn to smile again... as the story begins,

KISUMU, Kenya (AP) — Africans organized all-night parties to watch the U.S.
election results roll in, determined to celebrate a moment
in history as Barack Obama tries to become the first black
American president.

"Tonight we are not going to sleep," said Valentine
Wambi, 23, a student at the University of Nairobi. "It
will be celebrations throughout."

She planned to join hundreds of other students in the Kenyan
capital for an election party late Tuesday.


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rose colored half full glasses

I appreciate your positivity, optimism, enthusiasm.

I was optimistic the last two elections. Almost sure. I blame naivety. You've seen more than I, so I'd like to happily defer to your view.

But I actually don't believe it yet. I'm doubtful, dubious. And if it does happen today, I worry about all of the nutso not-so nicefolk, tomorrow...

Last election I thought I'd leave the country if Bush won. But I hung on.

For some reason I'm prepared to chalk up another loss. It's Kali Yuga, after all. It's only supposed to get worse from here.

There's a great chance you're right, and I hope it's so.

But otherwise... (Though Vancouver may be just my kind of town,) I may just stay here and fight it out some more.

You don't need the bullet when you got the ballot

Uh, what's happening CC?
They still call it the White House
But that's a temporary condition, too.
Can you dig it, CC?

-- Chocolate City

“Definitely, this will improve America’s image in Russia”

As exected, the world celebrates America and Americans for electing Obama.

At the Obama party at the Hilton, election night, there were journalists from at least 4 foreign countries, and representatives from 20 others. Read well documented feedback from the world, at the New York Times... and consider:

The skeptics say they believe that American policy is deeply
institutionalized and that if Mr. Obama tries to shift it, “they” — the
media, the corporate robber barons, the hidden powers — will box him in
or even kill him.

That would describe reasonable expectation of "the
media, the corporate robber barons, the hidden powers" in NEO, that is for sure.

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Across the globe, a warm welcome... for Obama

Nice interactive map on CNN reports from around the world on reactions to President Obama... feels good to feel good about Americans for a change. 

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"it is worth pausing to reflect on the basic facts"

The best explanation of the recent presidential election and current situation is provided by the Editors of the New York Times. I recommend you read this.... a highlight:

Mr. Obama spoke candidly of the failure of Republican economic policies
that promised to lift all Americans but left so many millions far
behind. He committed himself to ending a bloody and pointless war. He
promised to restore Americans’ civil liberties and their tattered
reputation around the world.

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