Should NEO Citizens Be Concerned About Lead Poisoning From Piston Engine Airplanes Flying From Our Regional Airports?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 06/01/2010 - 16:23.
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If you are "shocked they still use lead in aviation fuel"

If you are "shocked they still use lead in aviation fuel", learn more and do something about it - see "Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Lead Emissions from Piston-Engine Aircraft Using Leaded Aviation Gasoline (yes they do)" and follow the directions there to comment to the EPA. We should also ask the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to provide their lead inventory plans now, so we may see what they have in mind for citizens now that the EPA is planning to tighten guidelines... is our local EPA acting for citizens or industry?

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2002 Cuyahoga County Airport Landings and Take-Offs

From the most recent air pollution inventory of Cuyahoga County airports I've found, from 2002, which did not factor for lead contamination but does estimate 2002 Cuyahoga County Airport Landings and Take-Offs by category of airplane. Assume none of the commercial flights are piston engines (which burn leaded gasoline) but many of the taxi and most of the general aviation flights are piston engine and burn leaded gas...

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I always wondered why St Clair Superior had the highest EBLs

I always wondered why St Clair Superior had the highest EBLs (Elevated Blood Levels) for lead contamination in Cleveland... 10% or so higher than similar surrounding heighborhoods... they have many major source points but so do other neighborhoods... they have old houses but so do other neighbohoods... and they have 40,000+ piston airplanes burning lead aviation fuel as they idle, take-off and land nearby, which no other neigborhood has in such close proximity and in combination with other risk factors...


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Lead level chart

Norm--thanks for publishing this.  The numbers are horrifying for children. But,

my neighborhood

fares better than others.  Who produced this chart? 

Glenville, Forest Hills also very BAD for HIGH Blood Lead Levels

The Chart is very disturbing for such high levels of lead in young children!

Did I hear that there is coal burning going on at the neraby hospital --could that be why Forest Hills area is so high? Fairfax district not so good either. Is there an airline flight path overhead?

What else would be causing Glenville and Fairfax to be so high? Sansai is trying to create the cleanest soil possible to have on lawns and to grow vegetables, flowers and plants.  We need to get more industries involved in creating good products without increasing pollution.

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