NEO ER Discussion of the Day: We have a realNEO/COOP Legal Issue Members Must Address Immediately

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/02/2010 - 16:47.

It is time to revive the NEO Excellence Roundtable, now virtual.

As our first discussion of the day, what are we going to do about children on realNEO - and in real coop?

I want them here and welcome my children as members - and swear as little as possible in respect.

As per our terms of use, my children have my permission to be here. I want them here, learning from all of us - seeing our great work - adding to the intellectual property and building a good virtual existence for each of themselves - I know we are the future of IT and I want them here at our birth.

But I don't like the idea there may be perverts up here interested to do children harm, for example, so I want to know who else are the members, and know if a member goes after one of my kids there will be consequences - we will be able to track the person down.

It is time that we as a co-op rewrite our terms of use, as they specify members should be over 18 but there are members under 18, like by daughter, and we don't know if parents and guardians approve.

We are not building a worse Facebook - we are building a virtual community - the virtual community.

While this network does not currently enable direct email communications between members - people can't easily troll for juveniles here - this is still a place where members may make personal information public and that information may be used by others for harm - we all know what kind of people there are out there...

We need to make sure all members are protected from outsiders, and all insiders are authentic and safe, to be safe for young people. The way to do that is to require that all members authenticate their membership to their identity so they may be held accountable for their actions by the coop - we need our own laws and rules of engagement, especially regarding the young.

We also must start categorizing content that is inappropriate for children, by some common standard, and enable children to have that content filtered for them by their guardians, through technology already in place and use.

All this is simple to do with Drupal and our site exactly as it is.

We need a team of realNEO/coop people to address the actual wording of our terms of use, with lawyers, and a team of realNEO/coop people to work on integration of the legal structure with the technology.

ICEarth can provide real coop with ICEarth coop serving, hosting and open source solutions for identity and intellectual property security, storage and management that will be better and more secure than anywhere else on Earth, and I'll show real coop members how to profit from that. This is just the next step in enabling the power of the ICEarth Conceptual Framework now being launched.

But I cannot lead real coop to the promised land.

ICEarth Internet Community Earth Animation

ICEarth - Information Community Earth - Conceptual Framework - normALST 02/07/01

The Emergence of “Info Mediated Enterprise”

One of today’s most critical global imperatives is "universal access." In our world’s now thoroughly computerized, internetworked economic, social and cultural environment, all people must have access to like information technology (IT) tools, resources and capabilities. As access becomes increasingly universal, exciting interpersonal dynamics become possible; like distant learning, telemedicine, virtual community, and 'infomediation,' a core interest of this document that enables the other dynamics listed before and many still to be seen on our virtual horizons.


When you invent new technologies, they enable new solutions only you may understand.

On ICEarth, perverts can't even speak our language.

Neither may intellectual property thieves.



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our kids future

The Political Gangster

                          Norm i think that's a great idea. if there's a better way to learn is through IT and a good clean one that really works and stand for something of coarse children should be on RealNeo!!!!

ICEarth seems to suit you well

You are a smart authentic guy

Disrupt IT

young users

Filtering for youth is a good idea, but I think that we still need users to be 18+ or have parental/custodial approval. I also think that administrators need to have names, addresses, and phone numbers for members since this is a membership/cooperative. All that being said, who am I kidding? People with evil intent can overcome all of this easily. 

No they can't

People with evil intent are easily executed on ICEarth, and never seen again. One mistake and it is over.

Watch my daughter take down a perv for life - you'll enjoy it.

Watch her SHUT DOWN MITTAL FOR REAL, when all the adults have failed

I built ICEarth for the kids - my daughters, originally - now we must determine how we deal with the parents who are the problems.

Watch a few scumbags executed for chilfdporn and it won't happen again.

Most people are clueless about IT. I am not.

Disrupt IT

FBI lurkers

 ICEarth is something that you can learn about and use. There will be less pervs to take down.

They already want our encryption

They do want to speak our language.

Every FBI agent in the world will be welcome as ICEarth members - ICEarth is IT for all

Disrupt IT

I don't know enough

 to have an opinion on this - I'll go with your advice, Norm.