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frank giglio tremont cleveland

This morning two of my friends and I bumped into Frank Giglio in front of his home on West 14th Street, in Tremont (Cleveland), Ohio. Mr. Giglio pulled up along the sidewalk in his car while we were walking by (with Tucker, the dog). Mr. Giglio had a cup of hot coffee balanced in his lap below the steering wheel, and through the open car window I could see the steam rising up out of the half consumed coffee cup as we spoke. I felt kind of bad realizing that any conversation we had was going to result in that second half of the Sunday morning coffee being cold.

And for sure, after our hour long discussion and property view, the coffee was stone cold.


On first impression, it strikes me that the situation between Mr. Giglio and the City of Cleveland is as they say, a “failure to communicate.” The failure to communicate has been brooding between the 24 year Tremont resident and the City for at least 10 years. Neither side has been able to pull themselves – or their counterparty - onto high ground, and that is a real shame.

At 2244 West 14th Street we have a very public, very visual, and very emotionally and civically damaging public fight between an individual citizen and the municipality in which that citizen owns property. Having just recently been made aware of the conflict, I don’t know all the ancient history between the parties. I’d bet that neither the municipality nor the property owner are blameless, and both have much to lose if the situation isn’t salvaged very quickly.

However, the losses at 2288 West 14th won’t be borne only by the City and Mr. Giglio.

The Tremont community, and the entire Cleveland community at large has a huge stake in the fight – the public are watching the fight and feeling each cut – and if the situation isn’t soon resolved in a manner which protects and preserves Mr. Giglio’s humanity – and from speaking with Mr. Giglio and reading his neatly penned hand written notes about his experiences with the authorities over the last 10 years - I can vouch that Mr. Giglio has a real heart and deep feelings about what is transpiring - then the public will also lose. And lose Big.

It is that public loss which I believe we all have standing (as a legal term) to address – because I feel that if demolition of the property proceeds, then we have allowed one citizen – who has not done anything much differently that many who own vacant properties in Cleveland – to be pushed face down into the dirt. There is a giant societal cost when a citizen’s ego is broken, or when a municipality knowingly, or unknowingly, uses very heavy handed and physically aggressive steps to force “conformance”.

For one thing, if this property is destroyed, has anyone asked where Mr. Giglio will live?


When there is an impasse between our government officials and a member of our community our public intervention is obligatory.

I have just now emailed Ward 13 Councilman Joe Cimperman with an urgent request to meet and discuss the situation. If anyone in the Realneo audience has other suggestions which would help preserve the vital social capital which Mr. Giglio represents in our community, please let me know, or better yet, speak up yourself.

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like you, Jeff, of all people would know what "social capital" is


what a farce you are...

Tremont's history

interesting article on Tremont's history


(if this doesn't work search search frank giglio on CPL site in Plain Dealer)

From the article, "Even Wiccans sometimes gather at the W.14th home of FrankGiglio for outdoor pagan ceremonies on summer nights."

Is this a witch hunt? Is he being discriminated against for his religious views? Are his First Amendment rights being violated?



What happened to Giglio's lawyer, Phil Althouse?

I would have snapped when they sprayed my dog. That they killed his dog is unconscionable like the rest of what you're reporting here.

another case of gentrifiication in tremont, frank giglio's, home

another case of gentrifiication in tremont, frank giglio's, home demolished - (cleveland, ohio)

Gentrification :

 When "urban renewal" of lower class neighbourhoods with condos attracts yuppie tenants, driving up rents and driving out long time, lower income residents. It often begins with influxes of local artists looking for a cheap place to live, giving the neighbourhood a bohemian flair. This hip reputation attracts yuppies who want to live in such an atmosphere, driving out the lower income artists and lower income residents, often ethnic/racial minorities, changing the social character of the neighbourhood. It also involves the "yuppification" of local businesses; shops catering to yuppie tastes like sushi resaturants, Starbucks, etc... come to replace local businesses displaced by higher rents.

1) Defining Gentrification

Gentrification is a term with inherent class connotations, and was coined by the sociologist Ruth Glass in London in 1964; "One by one, many of the working-class quarters of London have been invaded by the middle-classes - upper and lower. Shabby, modest mews and cottages - two rooms up and two down - have been taken over, when their leases have expired, and have become elegant, expensive residences....Once this process of 'gentrification' starts in a district it goes on rapidly until all or most of the original working-class occupiers are displaced and the whole social character of the district is changed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 well Frank's house is being On December 4th, 2008 dbra says: well Frank's house is being torn down as we post... Login or register to post comments Sorry Lou, On December 4th, 2008 Henry Senyak says: Sorry Lou, I really feel that we have some of the same ideals. I respect that you do not want to say anything about these neighborhood issues on a blog. More people need to get involved, air out your grievances with TWDC. I will tell you that Frank's house is at risk again. The guy that got mugged at the Church lives in Mentor-Castle-Clark Block Club. He does not want his name mentioned. Gotta Run, have a good rest of the day. Login or register to post comments oh - and they put him in On December 4th, 2008 dbra says: oh - and they put him in jail last night... talked to him lately, Lou? and I wouldnt have called you out if you had not made your nasty little posts (remember about "us" joining Guy and Yogi and Henry changing text io emails?). So drop the whining, ok? Login or register to post comments you people are sick examples On December 4th, 2008 dbra says: you people are sick examples of human beings. Login or register to post comments sorry to hear that. talked On December 4th, 2008 lm says: sorry to hear that. talked to frank saturday night and all was fine in franks land and he seemed in a much better disposition than i was then. sometimes not sure what to believe what frank says.. Login or register to post comments wEEL, EVERYTHING IS NOT SO On December 4th, 2008 Jerleen1 says: wEEL, EVERYTHING IS NOT SO FINE IN Frank's WORLD TODAY. i BELIEVE AND HAVE IT ON PRETTY GOOD AUTHORITY THAT fRANK WAS ARRESTED LAST NIGHT AND THAT AT THIS MOMENT THEY ARE TRASHING HIS HOUSE. HENRY IS THERE NOW AND THE DUMPSTERS HAVE ARRIVED - THE WINDOWS ARE BEING BROKEN OUT - SO TONIGHT WHEN OUR GOOD COUNCILMAN CIMPERMAN STANDS UP AND TAKES A BOW FOR HIS HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS, AT HIS GRAND THANKSGIVING DINNER i GUESS HE WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR - HE CAN BE THANKFUL FOR THE FACT THAT THEY FINALLY GOT FRANK'S HOUSE AND HE WAS ABLE TO GET SOME POOR OLD GUYS PROPERTY AND SO GO AHEAD JOE STAND UP AND BE PROUD OF YOURSELF ALONG WITH EVERYBODY ELSE THAT HELPED YOU TAKE THIS MAN'S HOUSE - YOU NEED THIS PAT ON THE BACK AND i HOPE YOU CAN LOOK YOUR SELF IN THE MIRROR. yOU, EVERYBODY AT TWDC, THE WHOLE DAM BUNCH SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES AND RUN OUT OF THIS TOWN. THIS IS UNSPEAKABLE AND UGLY AND I AM ASHAMED THAT I VOTED FOR YOU. Login or register to post comments Lou, its sad to see you On December 4th, 2008 dbra says: Lou, its sad to see you jumping on the board ridiculing the people who are trying to stop this class cleansing. You should know better and I dont understand how you think its not going to affect you or the ones you love or the places you love going to. Cant you see what is going on? Why ridicule those who have the backbone to speak out? Login or register to post comments How's that for positive On December 4th, 2008 Jerleen1 says: How's that for positive thinking - sorta takes the wind right out of your sails - where's tremontlady at now? A man goes to jail trying to save what is his - You know I will be writing the president, the governor, the FBI, our congressman, the senate, every pro bono organization that I can find until I find someone that will investigate those responsible for this travesty that is happening and hold them accountable - I will never have any respect for those involved in this ordeal - I don't care who you are. Login or register to post comments ArecelorMittal to lay off On December 4th, 2008 dbra says: ArecelorMittal to lay off 340 Cleveland steelworkers Do you sTILL think its a good time to issue housing citations??? Login or register to post comments Happy to report Frank is On December 5th, 2008 jb says: Happy to report Frank is out of jail. Just saw him over by his property. Now for me the more pressing issue right now, when/how was the Landmarks's decision to not order a tear down circumvented or otherwise reveresed? Henry, can you provide any insight? What happened? I would not have posted what I had earlier this week if I had known Frank was not opertaing within a year's window of opportunity more or less, to work something out. While Frank may not have always been the nicest neighbor to me (a number of years back his demeanor changed and he became hostile), can't say I'd ever want to see the guy homeless, being divested of the right to any just compensation for the city taking the property he was sold, back when this neighborhood was first promoting itself as trendmont. As a resident observed to me yesterday, Frank got used twice, once as a promotion tool for home sales and now to demonstrate the type of person we no longer would want to sell a tremont house. He went from realtor marketing tool: "Hey white suburban kids it's cool to move to Tremont." To, "This is the sort of urban blight that brings a community down." And in this final phase, the cries of "How could 'you people' let this happen?" Yes now Frank can be used as matyr, a veritable poster child. At the end of the day, I just wonder if a community that would so throroughly use a human as an object is where I want to be. But the good news is Frank is out of jail. jb Login or register to post comments News Flash: Frank Giglio On December 5th, 2008 Henry Senyak says: News Flash: Frank Giglio Second District Cops harass Citizens talking with Frank Giglio within the last two hours. I just received a call from Ted Thelander, who was on his way to shop at Steelyard Commons, and go to the Dog Park. He pulled up by Franks house to review the preparation for Demolition. Frank was standing on the tree lawn just north of his property. One minute later Chuck Hoven from the Plain Press pulls up. Ted and Chuck were talking with Frank Giglio, when within two minutes two cop cars pull up and start verbally harassing Frank and Ted Thelander. One officer asked Frank if he wanted to get arrested again. Frank said he wasn't doing anything, Ted Thelander came to Frank's defense. The officer told them both he would make something up and run them both in. During all this Chuck Hoven was taking pages of notes. At that time another two man second district car arrives (Now four cops). They told Chuck Hoven they did not care who he was. Then Lt. Bolon pulls up to try to gain control of a situation that his officers have blown way out of proportion. It is obvious that this will lead to either a great story, complaints to the office of professional standards, or a suit on Franks part with two witnesses willing to testify of this use of police power. More to come, I have to be at City Hall for another meeting. Also it has come to several peoples attention that their is asbestos in Franks house. The contractors are not removing this to OSHA specifications. These particles are going airborne in the Tremont Community. I encourage Tremont residents to call the local office of OSHA and tell them of your concerns that the contractor the City of Cleveland hired is not following regulations for removal of the asbestos. Cleveland Area Office Federal Office Building 1240 East 9th Street, Room 899 Cleveland, Ohio 44199 (216) 615- 4266 (216) 615-4234 FAX Login or register to post comments Thank you, jb. Thank you, On December 5th, 2008 dbra says: Thank you, jb. Thank you, Henry. They say Frank is paranoid - I think he is one of the most real people I will ever meet. Certainly this cop behavior is indicative of what he's been put through. Isn't Ms."a soup kitchen is one thing but you're not not gonna throw run-away ctack whores at us" leader of the pack for running poor people out of town to protect her property values coffee shop owner's husband a retired 2nd Dist PD? Login or register to post comments Everybody getting the On December 5th, 2008 Jerleen1 says: Everybody getting the message now!! Do you think things are finally coming to light. A man can't even stand on the sidewalk and witness the death of his own private property without being harassed. The cops have again jumped the gun but we all know they didn't come out all by themselves - those that are ashamed to show their faces sent them out to do their dirty work. Frank is more of a man than those that had the gall to take his house. I called the Mayor's action line this morning about Frank's house and I was told that he could get it off the demo list if he came down and pulled some permits - what a joke. We're supposed to live in America where all things are beautiful and the land of the free - the government is for all - and there is fair and equal justice for all - well' I'll be damned, if there was any of that for Frank - and that makes you wonder how many others there have been or will be. - shucks IT MIGHT BE YOU NEXT. Login or register to post comments dbra, how did your day go? On December 5th, 2008 Jerleen1 says: dbra, how did your day go? Have you heard anything else about Frank? I'm hoping he can find a good lawyer and this time sue the city, and everyone else that is involved with losing his property, police harassment, etc. Login or register to post comments Where's your councilman Joe On December 5th, 2008 lmcshane says: Where's your councilman Joe Cimperman? Does he care? Meanwhile, over here in Ward 15, the second wave of flippers are renting to unsuspecting tenants, who will, like Frank, find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. How about point of inspection at the transfer of deed? Why do we allow this crime to continue in the City of Cleveland? Where are the housing inspectors citing these creeps? Login or register to post comments Follow On December 5th, 2008 Henry Senyak says: Follow up; I had a chance to talk with Chuck Hoven, he confirmed what Ted Thelander said. Chuck has all the cops names from the Second District. Chuck also said the cops kept referring to TWDC. I want to give TWDC the benefit of the doubt on this. I know Frank brought alot of this on himself, I spoke out to help his cause earlier this summer at Landmarks. But we as humans have failed in this matter. How could over 20 people earlier this year go to a TWDC Committee hearing and vote to compel the Landmarks Commission to destroy someone else's property? We have lost what compassion and dignity is left in this community. We have people getting search warrants taped to their houses. People with absolutely no hearts and souls walking around with clip boards wanting to put their long term neighbors out into the street. Snobs that do not want homeless shelters, or the services of the compassionate at St. Augustine's. What is the most disturbing Frank's house is now beyond repair, and beyond saving. He will be the Martyr. He will have died for all the sinners that have transgressed him. It was also pointed out the the reason for arresting Frank the other night is he threatened people and the police. The police had their guns drawn and wanted to shoot Frank's Dog. Ok Animal activists your turn. Login or register to post comments My thoughts are - how much On December 5th, 2008 Jerleen1 says: My thoughts are - how much does it take to break a man? how far can you push a person before he starts making threats? I am an animal lover - I love my cats and I will fight over my cats - they are my babies - so I fully understand how he felt. They took his house - now they want to kill his dog - what do they want next an arm, leg maybe? I think if I was Frank, I would plant a tree right in the middle of where his house stood after it's gone and make a beautiful little park - he loved nature - for the birds and butterflies. Or if he really wanted to rebel - pitch a tent and camp out and take Fido with him - what's the city going to do about that? Login or register to post comments imcshane - cimperman is the On December 6th, 2008 dbra says: imcshane - cimperman is the driving force behind Frank's demo... tHAts where he is. And the housing inspectors are all busy in Tremont citing lifelong neighbors for sagging gutters... i wish they were only targeting flippers in their cleansing crusade, IMC, but that is not the case. The fact that they are keeping their "list" top secret attests to this fact. They know Frank is devoted to his dogs and his cats. They've always targeted his dogs to get a rise out of him - its the only way they can - and then when he gets upset, they arrest him. Thats exactly what they did before the last cleansing, he had a different dog then. they ended up killing that one. Yes, Henry, it would be nice were our neighborhood leaders intelligent and compassionate enough to be truly "progressive". Progressive would mean making the neighborhood better for everyone. They would find more respect for their ideals and lifestyles if they were able to extend the same to others. There is a lot to criticize about their way of living and their way of "accomplishment" - for one it is very short-sighted. Theres much that could be done to improve the neighborhood - without harming others - and they could stand out as a progressive example for other CDCs to follow. They're missing a chance to distinguish themselves here and instead have chosen the seemingly "easy" path paved with selfishness and thoughtlessness and absolutely devoid of compassion. I wish we were better than this. Login or register to post comments "Better than THIS" is On December 6th, 2008 lmcshane says: "Better than THIS" is right...yesterday a former neighbor initiated the latest round of inquiries going on in my neighborhood on landlords who own multiple properties in foreclosure, all the while, still collecting rent on the tenants. The woman who came into the library was relieved to know that she got out of her rental property before she became one of the victims...I wrote about how this power play relates to Frank here: Login or register to post comments Poor Frank. This is a On December 6th, 2008 lmcshane says: Poor Frank. This is a passion play from the Middle Ages. Why should any human being have to be subjected to this torture? Login or register to post comments Employers cut 533,000 jobs On December 6th, 2008 dbra says: Employers cut 533,000 jobs in November, most in 34 years lets file some more housing violation citations! Login or register to post comments Better than THIS . . . On December 6th, 2008 jb says: Better than THIS . . . Lmcshane your link to your post at realneo is priceless. Connecting the dots as you do regarding the players in Tremont and who stands to benefit from Frank's demise. Yes ODOT is likely in the end to own, at least in part, the earth now known as Frank's property. I have literally had that conversation with numerous friends, residents, business owners in the community since the alleged "imminent tear down of Frank's house" again looms in the collective psyche we call Tremont. However you add the "blow up house" which we hadn't. Nice call! Yes that is on the ODOT radar too I guess. You know the local politicos keep complaining that ODOT isn't answering their questions either. Which allows our local politico hero wannabes "plausible deniability" to be claimed when addressing seizure of lands due to crisis or tragedy. "The house just blew up. Found a propane tank." Wow what an explanation. Isn't propane what suburban people use with their gas grills? Hasn't traces of such an "accelerant" been justification for requiring an arson investigation in other cases? Behind Frank's house, west of 14th, north of Fairfield stood three structures, three parcels that ODOT began process to take in the early 2005, regarding the need for more property to eventually expand the bridge to allow more lanes (now only if ODOT could construct a bridge to bear the weight . . but i digress ). Those properties were likely purchased by ODOT for somewhere between $300,000 - $400,000. The purchase prices usually do not get publicly reported. The one transaction reported on the auditor's site is that 1428 Fairfield parcel # 004-08-012 was purchased May 7, 2007 by ODOT for $190,000. So I guess on balance with that sort of money flying around, it seems absurd that others would get nothing for their property. And the process to access those proprties is getting exceedingly convuluded. Funny side note regarding Frank and the Fairfield properties. Couple years back there was all this anger being vented on this board about the homeless and crimes in da hood. Calls to grab aluminum baseball bats to, "Crack some skulls and take the Mont back!" Of course Councilman Cimperman was sympathetic to the crime issues. Meanwhile the homeless camp that had set up on ODOT property behind Frank's house across the street from the houses ODOT subsequently purchased, was receiving free food from the Ignatius boys on Sunday night as part of their community outreach. I sat with a friend on her porch one night that summer, just hanging out and got a treat to a wonderful scene, the St. Ignatius van pulls up, the good young Christian men jumped out, open the fence blocking the property as no-trespassing to carry the food they had brought to the homeless. I mean you do realize Councilman Cimperman is an Iggy grad. What is learning about community service for those less fortunate as an adolescent, I guess as a grown man the less fortunate become criminals threatening our good residents. Yes I get many mixed signals from our so called leadership. jb Login or register to post comments Just minutes ago I pulled a On December 6th, 2008 Jerleen1 says: Just minutes ago I pulled a news clipping out of my personal memento folder - something I knew I had but just hadn't thought of - it had a picture of a friend of mine, Charles Pigoni and Chris Warren, who at the time was Director of TWDC. The clipping is dated 1/5/85 - The caption reads "Working together in Tremont." The two are standing on front of a gabled house on W. 11th st. which has been on the demo list for months and was due to be razed that week but TWDC got a reprieve for a few days so that they could go to court and get an order to delay the demolition. I tried to pull this up and have it posted but I wasn't able to - that was when TWDC was out for the good of the people. They were trying to save the old houses not trying to help hurry up and bury them. I'm going to make copies of this article and pass it around the neighborhood. Maybe it will shame them into doing what's right. Login or register to post comments Back to top


Speaker's corner

Thank you Guy Templeton Black for reposting the related posts at describing Frank Giglio's nightmare and THANK YOU for standing at the corner of Lincoln Park on most weekends to remind the suburbanites "visiting" our City of Cleveland of the social capital that really pays for that "fun" night on the town. 

Look harder for the light--there are angels and demons in disguise everywhere.

Social capital

  An excerpt from Wikipedia--

Social capital (in the institutional "Robert Putnam
sense) may also lead to bad outcomes if the political institution and
democracy in a specific country, is not strong enough and is therefore
overpowered by the social capital groups. “Civil society and the
collapse of the Weimar Republic” suggests that “it was weak political
institutionalization rather than a weak civil society that was
Germany’s main problem during the Wihelmine and Weimar eras.”[50]
Because the political institutions were so weak people looked to other
outlets. “Germans threw themselves into their clubs, voluntary
associations, and professional organizations out of frustration with
the failures of the national government and political parties, thereby
helping to undermine the Weimar Republic and facilitate Hitler’s rise
to power.” In this article about the fall of the Weimar Republic,
the author makes the claim that Hitler rose to power so quickly because
he was able to mobilize the groups towards one common goal. Even though
German society was, at the time, a "joining" society these groups were
fragmented and their members did not use the skills they learned in
their club associations to better their society. They were very
introverted in the Weimar Republic. Hitler was able to capitalize on
this by uniting these highly bonded groups under the common cause
bringing Germany to the top of world politics. The former world order
had been destroyed during World War I, and Hitler believed that Germany
had the right and the will to become a dominant global power.

Later work by Putnam also suggests that social capital, and the
associated growth of public trust are inhibited by immigration and
rising racial diversity[51]
Putnam's study regarding the issue argued that in American areas with a
lack of homogeneity, some individuals neither participated in bonding
nor bridging social capital. Some people preferred to keep to
themselves and withdraw even from their small homogeneous groups.

And a commentary I posted on BFD, from young people who want to understand the problems facing Cleveland:


This came up last night. What does Frank need to change in
Cleveland? The attitude driving everything of “who do you know/name
dropping,” “how much do you make,” and “know your place.” Young
immigrants to this city burn out fast on this attitude and the
non-profit idealism mill.

More than one young person I know (including myself) can relate to
the experience working inside a non-profit, where the director makes
over $200,000+ and the young things* make on average $30,000 and live
in rental units, generally on the out skirts of Cleveland, if they plan
on having kids, because the “school” reputation scares them from the
inner city (I was once one of these young things–who has stuck it out
with the city, albeit with no kids).

Factor in the non-profit execs living in a tax-abated city property
during their “city time” and you have the problem we see here in
Cleveland. No one paying for the services that keep a city alive


Mark Twain on the silent lie

Last night as all this was coming to my attention on realneo, I took time out to watch a bit of Mark Twain Tonight, Hal Holbrook's long running tour de force, on WVIZ. At one point, Holbrook took up Twain's writing on lying, lies and liars. I thought that it had obliquely a place in this discussion.

Holbrook says, “but Twain’s major point is about the silent lie. That is, if you remain silent in the face of an injustice, it is as Twain says ‘timid and shabby.’”

"Among other common lies, we have the silent lie--the deception which one conveys by simply keeping still and concealing the truth. Many obstinate truthmongers indulge in this dissipation, imagining that if they speak no lie, they lie not at all." Mark Twain

So I applaud those who write here; truth or lies are to be determined, but the silent liars, who timidly and shabbily grouse to themselves in the shower while refusing to call a spade a spade or tenaciously seek the truth...ya'll just go on believing that someone else will address injustice.

To Laura's point about it's who you know, not what you know: I, like many others here, live that reality daily, however, I find comfort in this quote: "Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." Mark Twain

"The universal conspiracy of the silent-assertion lie is hard at work always and everywhere, and always in the interest of a stupidity or a sham, never in the interest of a thing fine or respectable. Is it the most timid and shabby of all lies? It seems to have the look of it. For ages and ages it has mutely laboured in the interest of despotisms and aristocracies and chattel slaveries, and military slaveries, and religious slaveries, and has kept them alive; keeps them alive yet, here and there and yonder, all about the globe; and will go on keeping them alive until the silent-assertion lie retires from business--the silent
assertion that nothing is going on which fair and intelligent men are aware of and are engaged by their duty to try to stop."
Mark Twain

"I am different from (George) Washington; I have a higher, grander standard of principle. Washington could not lie. I can lie, but I won't." Mark Twain 

If the councilman and the CDC have "no comment", what in the world are we to surmise? Somehow I doubt they'll be posting here.



Irony in "Tremont Cleansing"

As an organic gardener, artist, dog lover and the owner of a somewhat shabby looking but well loved historic home my heart goes out to Frank. The "Tremont Cleansing" you refer to led by Ken Moss is so misguided. If only some of the effort that went into attacking Frank, a citizen that has helped to create Tremont's unique atmosphere, was spent forcing Mittal Steel to stop polluting our world.


It's John Moss, not Ken Moss, regardless--the only name here that matters would be Joe Cimperman.

Joe knows his silence on this whole matter comes with a price.  Afterall, Joe is still an altarboy.




Following is the email I sent to Mr. Cimperman at ward13 [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org on Sunday.

Yesterday, Monday, midday I telephoned his City Hall office (216) 664-2691 and his house (216) 687-6772 and left voice messages asking him to respond to me by email or by telephone.

No response as of 1:30pm Tuesday.

Any one know how to better get in touch with the Councilman?

Hon. Councilman Cimperman:

I spoke with Mr. Giglio at his property today and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the situation at 2288 West 14th Street (which I understand is in your Ward 13) at your earliest convenience as I am under the impression that his property is slated for demolition.

I would welcome the opportunity to act as a liaison to attempt to effect a satisfactory resolution between the City and Mr. Giglio. The Cleveland community will benefit spiritually if a non-destructive accommodation can be reached. Destroying the property will result in a diminution in valuable social capital which our region vitally needs.

I report on and have spoke with you at Meet the Bloggers and other news events.

cell #

Thank you,

Jeff Buster


   4:00 pm eyewittness calls me to inform me that Mr. Giglio's house is a pile of rubble. 

It would appear that Mr. Cimperman's office was stalling to respond to me until after the demolition was a fait accomplis.   Nice.

 Sorry I didn't hear about this sooner so I could have been more proactive. 

gettin' ready to build some condos

jerleenjustus' photostream of Mr. Giglio's house being demo'd

024 Rubble and ruins of Frank's home - caused by simple greed (by jerleenjustus)
Click for more...

Thank you Jerleen for your concern and photos reporting this civic mistake.

From Miami Taking Property

From Miami Taking Property vs. Cleveland Asking for Property

"I personally would support families not leaving their houses when the lending company tricked or acted irresponsibility or illegally in drafting the loan, as long as the family was prepared for the hardship they would have to endure in court. In reality, it is more of a short term solution, since it is unlikely to result in a home for these families. NEOCH did defend the squatters at Camelot in the late 1990s, but while we were in court the Mayor sent a wrecking ball to destroy the building. (That guy was a dictator.) I think that the approach that we are taking with asking for support from the City is a better solution. As an update, we still have not had any movement from the City or County, but Councilman Cimperman sent us a nice letter of support for the concept. We are still going to push this issue, and try to get a demonstration project funded that would act in partnership with the City or County."

Brian Davis
Posts by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless staff and Board.

Well, Brian, what about people being made homeless by city officials? Don't the city and county have their hands full with demolitions of abandoned homes? Do you condone the city razing a house owned by someone living in it? Just curious.

I appreciate that you don't want to jeopardize your nonprofit status via lawlessness, but whose being lawless here? Is it OK with you that the federal government is bailing out banks while people sleep in the streets and under bridges? Couldn't we find a way to recycle some of this abandoned housing stock and stop wasting precious human capital? Someone who can do straight piping offers some human capital, no? Is this the government creating a new category of social entrepreneuership by default? Is it better to throw people to the streets or will the city and county partner with you to feed two birds with one seed? Maybe Councilman Cimperman's email could be published.

Frank Giglio - WE LOVE and Support you

2nd District harrassment of Frank Giglio & 2 others.

There's also the issue of 2nd district arresting Frank prior to the "harvesting" of the hardwoods from his home.

Here is an account from of an altercation/exchange that took place with two other witnesses - one a reporter for the Plain Press:

:::Second District Cops harass Citizens talking with Frank Giglio within the last two hours.

I just received a call from Ted Thelander, who was on his way to shop at Steelyard Commons, and go to the Dog Park. He pulled up by Franks house to review the preparation for Demolition. Frank was standing on the tree lawn just north of his property. One minute later Chuck Hoven from the Plain Press pulls up.

Ted and Chuck were talking with Frank Giglio, when within two minutes two cop cars pull up and start verbally harassing Frank and Ted Thelander. One officer asked Frank if he wanted to get arrested again. Frank said he wasn't doing anything, Ted Thelander came to Frank's defense. The officer told them both he would make something up and run them both in. During all this Chuck Hoven was taking pages of notes. At that time another two man second district car arrives (Now four cops). They told Chuck Hoven they did not care who he was. Then Lt. Bolon pulls up to try to gain control of a situation that his officers have blown way out of proportion.

It is obvious that this will lead to either a great story, complaints to the office of professional standards, or a suit on Franks part with two witnesses willing to testify of this use of police power.::::


Frank Giglio

this reminds me of an incident dating back to about two years ago when the city went inside Frank's home for an interior inspection.  The cops pulled up and threatened to take Frank to jail for no reason.  I had to remind them that some type of crime needs to be committed first and that the entire incident was on video tape.  Frank didn't go to jail that day. 

LWP, in lucky Ward 13

LWP - Living While Poor - a new crime in Cleveland popularized in Ward 13... oh gosh, that's where you live!?!?!

Ever been to Cimperman's Tower City and Public Square, sans poverty.

LWP is a crime sort of like DWB - Driving While Black... or, worst of all, LWPB - Living While Poor and Black... that is the greatest crime in my neighborhood.

If they can lock them all up, this will be a beautiful place indeed... so our Conventional Thinking goes

Disrupt IT

Enjoy Don't Destroy

Tom Feran (Plain Dealer) writes about Cleveland artists who were involved in the WPA Federal Art Program.

Works Progress Administration posters highlight Cleveland, positive messages

Too bad a wasteful and eager city did not heed this message when they demolished Frank's house and garden.

Here's another and let us hope city officials don't want to put this on the block, too.

woodhill homes

As we move back into the era of New Deals, there are some public works we will want to revive like gardens in neighborhoods. But let us not destroy every last house and neighborhood to make way for "the next thing". If you recall, there was a hue and cry when neighborhoods were razed to erect public housing...

More WPA images are here

Cleveland was home to one of the first Public Works of Art Program under the direction of CMA Chief, William Milliken who began the program by commissioning these beautiful murals in Public Auditorium.

So before we get any more demo happy than we are presently, let's get a demo list and see what should be a Cleveland landmark (Frank's house should have been landmarked) and get in front of that Landmarks Commission ASAP.

As a side note, it is regrettable that Cleveland did not participate in the 75th Anniversary of the WPA festivities considering what a broad influence the artists of that era had on our town. Still it appears Clevelander's don't really care about history doesn't it? With the end of cheap fossil fuels it makes sense to enjoy, not destroy; to rehab and restore not raze.

Speak out

Remember the banality of evil
...I mentioned to someone from TWDC yesterday...that the Olney Museum and Victorian next to Grace Hospital are now visibly vandalized, yet TWDC takes no action against Grace Hospital.

Both properties were/are in worse condition than Frank Giglio's now destroyed property.



this blog on Frank pulls a lot

 this blog on Frank pulls a lot of details together. Recommended reading for newer people and a refresher for others.

Its America land of the polarizing idiots




Why do I think that some of this is fabricated? Franks the organic gardener? Was he professing that or was he given that moniker? Was he a devote agonistic? Does that matter or is it some odd way of fueling the flames. Was the neighboring church impressed with his spirituality? All more about commentary then about matters at hand.

This guy got on the radar because he was slow or not paying and maintaining all along….and you have a community group chartered to track and keep track, when they viewed him on paper he looked bad and when they viewed his home it compounded that, then when they attempted to address him, then it all hit the fan.

Was this a topic that got the Tremonter shut down, bet it was and the fight became a game and Franks was nothing but a poster boy….

He would never had the resources to restore the old home, that is what this could be about. About not understanding that fending it off is not the same as blowing it off or worse calling it all out.

I am really not seeing the lavish garden more of just over growth….which is not the same, but that’s not even an issue something is not right here and I suspect that some people that claimed to be helping actually escalated these events.

The comment “they are going to build some new condos” thats insensitive isn’t it incendiary and lacks any compassion and sincerity. Not tears or embraces…instead its nervous energy almost like excitement.

It's embarrassing that man got burned, its not correct and the people that said they are helping actually fanned the fires.

Franks not talking…I don’t blame him, he is more than likely saying thanks for the help, oh no more I am good. The thought of being in room full of people that want to help would be enough for the guy to have a seizure.

He needs professional not amateurs, people that get paid to help and fully understand, who wont use him to prove a point or make an argument or make themselves feel better.

Did it to rally support? Failed at that didn’t it, wow many could be hired by the other team! Cheering for the left drives it to the hard right every time.


Its America land of the polarizing idiots.



oh fuck you you cow  

oh fuck you you cow




why dont you make an offer

why dont you make an offer on the imaginary condos in the imaginary garden.   rent room to frank...

fill the mans head with some

fill the mans head with some more delusion. 

I think you may have been

I think you may have been Anthony Sowels first wife, that would explain something’s.

With you in the mix I would not be surprised to read that somebody blew up Tremont.

I think you may be the reason the city went too far you and you alone are the cause and the guilt is what is making you want to pay his tax bill that and vengeance.

What drives people too go to far?

What the fuck we pay all these taxes for social services and this guy is still past due and now homeless, send it him back to square one, see if he can get around the board this time.

A default is a result….it not trying to get there it just inevitable does. Lets see if we can keep it going longer after all we could eventually build him a straw house or a trailer….that would piss them off is that the reason to piss people off?

The problem with homeless shelters, nobody wants to live in them? Franks refuses, its nuts.

He should be selling that land, is it on the market? Whats the point of paying the taxes unless he plans to sell it, to hold it until he can sell it.

Guess what the other side has no intentions of touching it, they see you and they will relegate that land to green space and never ever let it be developed.

He is ultimately fucked, thanks for helping.

too much

Ok, I have had time to read your various posts, Oengus, and I can say that you are full of convolutions and  delusions yourself. Why do you think that it is ok to say this stuff and name call when you are challenged? 

When I referred to this blog as a way to look back over a year of history, I did so because it is well laid out by various posters and includes some of the late Tremonter thanks to Guy. It is not an endorsement of Frank, but it does call out the royal shaft the the man received.

Oengus, if you can't defend your position without resorting to name calling and personal slurs, you need help, more than you will ever receive here. 



ditto on what dwebb wrote.....

It seems like someone has lost their mind!



 This is my uncle. There is

 This is my uncle. There is way more to this story than what has been said. This house was not even under his name or paid for by him. He has had job opportunities and has never been able to keep a job. He has been living with my grandmother and failed to keep his dog away from her. His dog is violent and he refuses to pick up after the dog or help out my elderly grandmother around the house. She currently had to find a new place to live while Frank refuses to get out of her house. In fact, today at court he failed to leave after an eviction and is trying to sue members of our family. Although this is unfortunate for some, Frank has been nothing but problems to hundreds of people. So before he looks innocent as his house gets torn down, keep in mind that facts are left out and he has made several very irresponsible choices. I am 19 years old and he has actually threatened me to my face and made violent threats to our whole family, including my 10 year old little sister. There's always more than what meets the eye.



Inner Belt Bridge Construction COLD storage..

All rights reserved

Can any one update the situation on Cuyahoga County's taking of Frank Giglio's property?

Will Frank get a resolution like Fred Finley, who apparently received something for the Cold Storage building?  Will Reps Kucinich and Fudge work out a compromise settlement to avoid more intense scrutiny from Kasich administration?

Tremont Social Capital: Using Giglio's to make money, big biz

As of today, Frank Giglio's property has not transferred.

Isn't it unbelievable how this entire mess can escalate out of control for a citizen??? 

Board Up Fees, Demo Fees, Assessments for Water & Sewer, Legal Fees, Foreclosure Fees....Can't you see what a big business this is for both the City & County Government???

Imagine if the community development had originally collaborated to help him stabilize his property and get back on track instead of spending tens of thousands on this entire ordeal and years of deplorable actions that devastated a man's life..... There is NO SUCH THING as community development when you are a target for future development....Simply victimization....

In the end...this cycle is vicious in Cleveland, Ohio....

2011 (pay in 2012) CHARGE AND PAYMENT DETAIL Tax Information is up to the hour - tell me more.
Cleveland Prior year penalty - 2010 31.31 0.00 31.31
  Prior year penalty - 2007 107.52 0.00 107.52
  Prior year penalty - 2009 20.18 0.00 20.18
  Prior year interest - 2010 89.27 0.00 89.27
  Prior year interest - 2008 134.55 0.00 134.55
  Prior year interest - 2007 129.27 0.00 129.27
  Prior year interest - 2009 66.89 0.00 66.89
  Prior year tax - 2010 202.04 0.00 202.04
  Prior year tax - 2007 302.34 0.00 302.34
  Prior year tax - 2009 201.86 0.00 201.86
  DELQ BALANCE 1,285.23 0.00 1,285.23
M119348E-GRASS CUTTING Prior year penalty - 2010 102.42 0.00 102.42
  Prior year tax - 2010 660.80 0.00 660.80
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2010 1.02 0.00 1.02
  Prior year SPA fee - 2010 6.60 0.00 6.60
  DELQ BALANCE 770.84 0.00 770.84
C990007-Cuyahoga County (omitted tax) Prior year interest - 2008 0.03 0.00 0.03
  Prior year interest - 2007 0.03 0.00 0.03
  DELQ BALANCE 0.06 0.00 0.06
C170100-Delq Sewer Prior year interest - 2008 3.70 0.00 3.70
  Prior year interest - 2007 18.39 0.00 18.39
  Prior year interest - 2009 2.19 0.00 2.19
  Prior year interest - 2010 0.65 0.00 0.65
  DELQ BALANCE 24.93 0.00 24.93
M221020C-BOARDUP LIENS Prior year penalty - 2007 21.63 0.00 21.63
  Prior year SPA fee - 2007 1.03 0.00 1.03
  Prior year SPA fee interest - 2008 0.03 0.00 0.03
  Prior year SPA fee interest - 2009 0.05 0.00 0.05
  Prior year SPA fee interest - 2010 0.04 0.00 0.04
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2007 0.21 0.00 0.21
  Prior year interest - 2010 17.45 0.00 17.45
  Prior year interest - 2008 3.32 0.00 3.32
  Prior year interest - 2009 6.47 0.00 6.47
  Prior year tax - 2007 103.00 0.00 103.00
  DELQ BALANCE 153.23 0.00 153.23
M221022B-DEMO Prior year penalty - 2009 2,469.46 0.00 2,469.46
  Prior year SPA fee - 2009 159.32 0.00 159.32
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2009 24.71 0.00 24.71
  Prior year interest - 2010 2,044.35 0.00 2,044.35
  Prior year tax - 2009 15,932.00 0.00 15,932.00
  DELQ BALANCE 20,629.84 0.00 20,629.84
TOTAL BALANCE   22,864.13 0.00 22,864.13



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


Social Capital - data mapping

About the Social Capital Atlas


 The Social Capital Atlas is a data visualization platform that is part of a broader research project on social capital led by Opportunity Insights at Harvard University that uses social network data to measure and analyze social capital in the United States. The research and accompanying data tool are the result of a partnership between researchers Raj Chetty of Harvard University, Matthew O. Jackson of Stanford University and the Santa Fe Institute, Theresa Kuchler and Johannes Stroebel of New York University, and Mike Bailey of Meta. Two papers on this research, Social Capital I: Measurement and Associations with Economic Mobility and Social Capital II: Determinants of Economic Connectedness were published in Nature on August 1, 2022. The Social Capital Atlas is intended as a tool for researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and others to explore different forms of social capital in their own communities, understand how these measures are associated with income mobility and other outcomes, and inform evidence-based policy solutions. Privacy protected data on social capital measures can be visualized on the Social Capital Atlas or downloaded for further analyses from Meta’s Data for Good program.


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 Opportunity Insights is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization at Harvard University that seeks to translate insights from rigorous, scientific research to policy change by harnessing the power of “big data” using an interdisciplinary approach. Its mission is to identify barriers to economic opportunity and develop scalable solutions that will empower people throughout the United States to move out of poverty and achieve better life outcomes.


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