Uploading REALNEO Header Images

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 22:45.

How to upload an image for the RealNEO header -- without using a blog post:

  1. Use the create content link in the left-hand menu, then choose image. (Or, a bookmark a shortcut: http://realneo.us/node/add/image )
  2. Specify an image Title.
  3. Under the Community of interest links: menu, select RealNEO Header.  You'll need to pull the menu down all the way to the bottom to see " RealNEO Header".
  4. Browse to the the image file on your computer.
  5. Enter a description: where the image was taken, etc.

Anyone can upload images to this category, making it a pseudo-staging area for new header images, though without auto-publishing or administrative enabling.

To see images in this category, use the header images link in the top-right menu bar.

For Administrators -- to make an image the header image:

  1. Find the image on REALNEO you wish to set as header.
  2. Right-click the image and choose Copy Image Location.
  3. Go to the Theme settings page
  4. Find the "Logo Image Settings" section and its Path to custom logo: field
    Leave the Shortcut Icon settings alone -- make sure you're editing the Logo Image Settings.
  5. Paste the image location copied in Step 2
  6. Remove "http://realneo.us/" from the beginning of the URL pasted in step 4.
    The result should look something like "system/files/ICA-institute-of-contempora.jpg" -- make sure it doesn't begin with a slash.
  7. Click Submit
( categories: )


Help keep Realneo visually dynamic, informative, and thought provoking every day by submitting your panorama, sketch, montage, cartoon, etc.  Please prepare your submission as a jpeg  and size it 1050 pixels wide, and between 150 and 250 pixels high.  


Since I have been working with the header images I have found that as I travel with my camera, I keep my eye open for scenes that are long and low – like the aspect ratio of the banner of Realneo.  Header scenes can be an entire landscape, or a close up of a snake – or snake skin.   Or, you can just stitch together images – like laying out 10 cards in a horizontal row on a table.  Make it new, make it bright, make the viewer inquisitive.


Eventually the aim is to queue up the submitted header images and have them automatically replace the header every 24 hours. 

resolved image header gallery/category

I've made a few changes to how images can be categorized, and updated this post appropriately.
I changed the Community of interest links: "vocabulary" (in Drupal terminology) to be able to include images.
Now, when adding a header image using create content > image, instead of adding the image to a gallery, add it to the Community of interest link, RealNEO Header.
I removed the Image Gallery called RealNEO Headers (distinct from the Community of interest link just mentioned.) There were only two images (Jeff Buster's) tagged as such, which I re-categorized appropriately.
I added a "header images" link to the top-right site menu. The linked page lists the content (blog posts, images, etc.,) categorized as RealNEO Header.


  I want to give it a try!  Thanks Jeff S and Jeff B!

Real Neo Header Images

Banner images are challenging to create and fill important real estate on the Realneo homepage

Submitted by Jeff Buster on June 8, 2011 - 6:23pm.

The first thing anyone sees when they click on Realneo is the banner image.

Over the last few years the administrators of realneo spent many hours developing what they hoped would be catchy and meaningful images for the banner.   It does take some time to produce a banner image - at the fastest probably 15 minutes to 1/2 hour - at least for me.

This is an invitation to everyone to submit images which will be queued up, and promoted for the Realneo banner.

If you are interested in submitting, please email me and the Realneo logo text file will be emailed back to you.  The banner image needs to fit the homepage, so it must be 1000 pix by 200 pix or somewhat less.  The logo can be placed outside or inside the image.

But - break out your creativity.   You don't have to do what has already been done.  

Let's have the realneo  banner become a dynamic feature of this site and give the front page vitality and eye appeal.