Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 10/13/2007 - 12:25.

Saturday AM at the bus stop - probably after a night's work in the neighborhood near CCC.

Check your aluminum siding... it is a valuble asset.

How are we in NEO effectively, humanely, and civilly addressing alternatives to this hard working hunting/ gathering lifestyle?

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I don't need to tell you

This is a phenomenal piece of photojournalism. It tells a story and my hope would be that it prompts us to act.  We can all submit our thoughts in writing, but it is an image that sears itself into our minds and changes us.  

Our society is becoming undone.  The economics of exploitation. 

GLEANING without a shopping cart IN NEO

 Gleaning scrap in NEO isn't an isolated event.  It is life for many adults.

 Here and  here are two shots from two past posts  on this blog.


Beautiful work Jeff! We need more of the story

My house in East Cleveland and garage have been broken into several times and while there were a variety of valuable things to steal what they took were the water meter, copper pipe, wire, tools, etc. - things they could sell at a scrap yard or pawn shop or street corner (and people have come to the job site offering to sell us tools). Thus the crime in my neighborhood that has impacted me has been by professionals - perhaps some of the scrappers in your awesome photos - and so I'd like to know more about how they operate. I'm going to explore this for my own piece of mind and to protect my property, and to report more about the problem for the East Cleveland Observer. Jeff, you can ride shotgun and take the photos.


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