Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 09/20/2007 - 21:01.

Brutalism against Breuer in Cleveland, Ohio. 


No one filed an injunction - and now the facade is sacrificed already.  An operator in a bobcat with a hydraulic hammer on it just busted right through the classic stone face.  “Precision Environmental” the sign reads.  Right.  This is Cleveland going down.  I can’t believe we are so ignorant.  Who is Precision Environmental? Who are its principals?  What other jobs have they done in town?  Is there a political connection?


 Lots of oxygen and acetylene stored on the street level.  How does asbestos abatement  comport with oxy-acetylene cutting?  I don’t think so.  Are they about to carve the building down from the inside out like pulling a sock inside out?  That’s how I’d demo it.


Hey, Cleveland is still the butt of the Burning River joke.  The world knows Cleveland because we abused - and still do - our riparian resources.   Defacing/destroying the Breuer will put  Cleveland right back in the butt focus - we are nuts here in Cleveland. 

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I didn't know they could proceed

Jeff, I thought this was supposed to be reviewed monthly, before anything happened. I still know of nothing that has been reviewed, I know of no plans for replacement, and therefore I see no reason for this demolition to have started.


This is not what I understood the agreement to be with the public.


When did this happen? What side of the building are we looking at here? What's posted in the way of permits? When did you take the pictures? Who else knows about this?

Breuer nothing compared to Burke

This is a pathetic place... the Breuer situation has shown what a low class town we are. The latest scam from on high in town is reflected in the glowing article in the PD about Mayor Jackson announcing at a lunch at Jones Day that he and his consultants have decided Cleveland needs Burke Lakefront airport, and that closing Burke would cost $1 billion. What a joke. Anyone you know use Burke? Read "How Busy Is Burke" to see what a joke is this waste of public land and trust... but lots of Jones Day lawyers and their clients and the media and big advertisers who give lots of money to politicians use Burke. So Jackson just sold Burke Lakefront - our entire lakefront - to the rich. This is the year of pigs in Cleveland, that's for sure.

Disrupt IT


Tim, Breuer siege is now – I took the photos a half hour before the post.  The face we are looking at is the front face of the Breuer – the sw face - on E 9th?.   My prediction all along is that the asbo remediation contractor will mash, hack, and destroy the building so thoroughly that there will be no heart left in it to preserve.  What I saw tonight confirms my prediction. As to all the things you thought they had to do first with that committee and the other committee – this is Cleveland.  They don’t have to do what they say or follow any rules.  JUST DO IT!