Names of co-collaborators

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 10/12/2004 - 03:38.

Names of co-collaborators

On the unforked Content Management System (CMS) and integration side, our primary platform collaboration and host partner is Bryght - contact Boris Mann. Bryght is a Vancouver, BC based Drupal development and hosting firm optimal for our needs, and supportive in every way. Thanks to them for their hard work getting REALNEO to development stage, and working with us for a bright future for this community – very exciting looking forward.

We're developing in Drupal for their open source content management system (CMS) and have relations there. Another unforked Drupal related collaborator is Civic Space - contact Zack Rosen.

On the social networking development side, we're working with People Aggregator and the project leader Marc Canter, who has personally been very collaborative on our project. We're active to support FOAF (the Friend Of A Friend standard) as being implemented at FOAFnet -

Other open source projects in this collaboration include Open Media - (for rich content management) - ID Commons - (for persistent identification and trusted data interchange) - Creative Commons - (alternative to full copyright) - Laszlo Systems - - for rich internet applications. Other projects are continually integrated, like for VoIP, video and audio streaming, etc.

For implementation in Cleveland, we have involved many local technology and business leaders who should remain confidential for the time being.

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