Design proposal for

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 12/23/2005 - 12:46.

When it comes to demonstrating the transformational potential of social computing, will lead by example. We have an excellent team now challenged to make an incredible user experience of great value to the community.

We have a large membership of registered users, heavy traffic, and a growing body of interesting content from many members - this is a successful community. To make it more successful, we must refine the taxonomy - categories, profiles, menus, etc. - and enhance the design - look, feel, navigation, etc. 

We welcome feedback from anyone in the community - feel free to comment here.

Also, I propose we use some of the banner space in the header of realneo to feature the artwork, photography and video of some of the great artists in the region - Flash headers that will link to some featured content and an image gallery on that artist. So this is a call for artists to be featured in this collaboration. We'll work with you and your digital images to produce the content - it won't be a hassle, and you'll get lots of views and traffic. Contact norm [at] realinks [dot] us 

How to implement artists designs

In thinking about the design process, my objective is that artists develop unique headers for realneo - which may be a basic design that features their art, or may be a creative redesign of the header as a work of art (all with appropriate content only). We can also work with artists to develop entire themes. Very quickly, we'll have a richer set of themes available to the community, which will greatly enhance the user experience!

The integration of the arts

The integration of the arts and economics will drive our economy forward. You are right to continue pushing this integration.

Arts and Economic Development

Indeed, I like the value at this intersection of arts and economy as well.  The right-brained, creative minds of artists can provide some of the most creative ideas on the planet.  Their artistic talent has the power to inspire, energize, and provoke thought on critical social issues.  The technology platform provided by RealNEO should be an excellent portal for artists to display some of their work and links to individual artist galleries - while site redesign gets implemented simultaneously: a great win-win.

 I already have one artist in mind to promote on site and via gallery: a very talented young lady from Krakow, Poland named Maria Husarska.  I'm sure there are many local artists that can come on board and create new market demand for their items, boost gallery attendance, and stimulate online dialog around their works.

Great idea, Norm! 

Call for artists... CSS a plus

REALNEO is looking for artists to feature. We'd like to include your work in image galleries and showcase it on our site. If you are at all computer literate, we can help you do some cool stuff with the web. If you already know CSS, Flash, etc., we'd love to hook you up with some great technology and even some clients. Get in touch with norm [at] realinks [dot] us