Dear Very Reverend Lind and supporters of Trinity Cathedral: Praying for your health, happiness and wisdom

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 02/25/2011 - 15:14.

As I informed the Very Reverend Lind, of Trinity Cathedral, I am posting this outreach for the help of her good people to move Cleveland Thermal and so Cleveland beyond coal. Please reach out to these friends of the community with your words of support for a cleaner, safer, healthier, more prosperous Cleveland and NEO for all, beyond coal.

Dear Reverend Lind and supporters of Trinity Cathedral:
Norm Roulet <norm [at] realneo [dot] us>     Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 4:01 PM
To: tlind [at] dohio [dot] org
Cc: Nachy Kanfer <nachy [dot] kanfer [at] sierraclub [dot] org>
Dear Very Reverend Lind and supporters of Trinity Cathedral:

I appreciate your presence and good work in this community, and know you are prominent preachers for goodness, on a good Earth.

It has come to my attention that Trinity Cathedral is a customer of the Cleveland Thermal coal steam plant in the Flats, providing excessively-polluting utilities to your facilities on Euclid Avenue - that is featured on their website at

    Case Studies

    Cleveland Thermal has been providing commercial, municipal, federal and institutional buildings throughout the Downtown Cleveland footprint with district energy solutions for decades.

    Cleveland Thermal’s client base consists of city landmark properties and newly constructed facilities including:

        * Cleveland City Hall
        * Trinity Cathedral
        * Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building
        * Cleveland Public Library
        * Cuyahoga County Justice Center Complex
        * The Huntington Bank Building
        * WKYC-TV
        * Wyndham Hotel
        * Winton Manor Apartments

If that is not the case, please let me know so I may inform the community.

In any case, I am certain you will be interested to learn more, as Cleveland State University, across the street from you, is Cleveland Thermal's biggest customer... you may educate them.

I am working with the Sierra Club to move Cleveland Thermal beyond coal. For more on the Sierra Club Ohio Beyond Coal initiative, see

You'll find referenced there that the Sierra Club just helped the people of Cleveland to convince another coal burning plant in our environmental injustice community - Medical Center Company, at University Circle - to move beyond coal. That coal plant supports Case Western Reserve University and so was featured in the Sierra Club's Campuses Beyond Coal initiative, which has helped shut down over 150 coal plants in America, I believe.

Information on the latest outcomes with that are posted at I'm sure you know Chris Ronayne, who was instrumental in this effort - you may want to reach out to him for related insight - Cronayne [at] universitycircle [dot] org.

Cleveland Thermal will be part of the Ohio Campuses Moving Beyond Coal campaign, as it provides coal-generated services to Cleveland State.

On Ohio Campuses Moving Beyond Coal:

First off, a hat-tip to our friends at realNEO, who brought attention to the coal plant in University Circle in the first place:

Other media:

Nachy Kanfer (cc'ed) is our organizer for this initiative and may be reached at  nachy [dot] kanfer [at] sierraclub [dot] org for more information on why Cleveland Thermal must move beyond coal.

Some related postings on

Much more related insight linked within.

I would like to ask the good people of Trinity Cathedral to join with other community leaders and the Sierra Club to help move Cleveland beyond coal, by moving Cleveland Thermal beyond coal. The Sierra Club may certainly help expedite the process.

You may be the first Cleveland Thermal customer to sing out for such environmental justice. I have contacted the Cleveland Plain Dealer and WKYC regarding this matter, as they are Cleveland Thermal customers as well - you may all work together in this righteous pursuit.

As Cleveland City Hall is a Cleveland Thermal customer, representatives there may take interest, as well.

When we move Cleveland Thermal beyond coal, we will be on track to eliminate three major coal burning pollution point sources in this environmental injustice area - MCCO, First Energy Lake Shore (, and Cleveland Thermal. This will eliminate an astounding tonnage of pollution from the air we breathe - I can get you the data - making Cleveland far safer and healthier for all who live, work, visit and play here and nearby. This will have a positive impact on the health of 1,000,000s downdraft, improve the United State economy, and reduce global climate change for the world. Few changes could feel more like heaven on Earth for Clevelanders - the next mission being to relocate the deadly Mittal.

More on President Obama's pursuit of Environmental Justice for all Americans and the world at

I would love to discuss this with you, and may be reached as indicated below. I intend to post this on to inform the world of this outreach.

Praying for your health, happiness and wisdom,


Norm Roulet
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1999 Pollution Emissions Scorecard Cleveland Thermal

Brancatelli's H-O-W

Tony Brancatelli's house of worship and many more...saw the donor list while interviewed by the Cleveland Leadership crew...REJECTED for that class induction, but actually relieved that that did not happen.

I can't smile for that long.

Cleveland Thermal has bought the souls of many

Cleveland Thermal has bought the souls of many ignorant sell-out sops in Ohio - all the Council Members to be sure... they don't give a God' damn about public health as shows. THEY WILL BE SORRY!

Tony Brancatelli... is that the councilman of all the muttants around Mittal? The guy featured in the NY Times as some sort of urban hero?

I can't keep track of the vapours that come out of YOUR Cleveland City Council... just seems like one unified, insipid, sell-out chorus of failure, death and destruction...

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Time to pray for the soul of Trinity Cathedral

Time to pray for the soul of Trinity Cathedral... that's what good Christians do on Sunday morning, right?!?!

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