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Submitted by Joe Cimperman on Wed, 12/02/2009 - 16:36.

I wanted comment and provide documentation in response to an earlier blog post and comments from that post. Here is the original post: http://realneo.us/content/cimperment-jumps-out-county-executive-quest

Thank you for devoting a blog post about my political aspirations. I supported Issue 6 because I believe County reform is absolutely necessary. It turns out 67% of the electorate agreed. I support the Medical Mart project moving forward and do believe it is critical to this region’s development. 
Since you and I met in the classroom at Baldwin Wallace in 1997, I’ve always wanted to ask you Roldo: In terms of development, I know what you are against, but what are you for?
I DO NOT have any plans to run for State Representative. Period. End. 
For your clarification, I have always voted against a pay raise.  Since 1999 I have not supported a pay raise, you can read my public comments regarding pay raises in the attached pdf. Most recently all members of Council were given a raise, I declined the raise and paid back to the City the amount that was added to my paycheck. I don’t want the facts to get in the way of a good story, but there they are.
Mr. Buster:
First time, last time. 
Before you speculate on the cause or source of fire at my former residence, remember that my wife and 8-day old daughter were in the house.  How would you feel if someone accused you of trying to harm or kill your family?  

As for the grill, I never used it and I rarely used the front porch which is why it was stored on the porch. Your accusation that I may have been flipping burgers and forgot to turn the propane take off is completely inaccurate and insulting. I think even Roldo backs me on this.  As someone who does not know me or my family and was not a guest in my house your assumptions and accusations are totally false and I wish you understood what it means when you say it. 

I will give you some facts, up until a few weeks prior to the fire our bedroom was located on that second floor where the fire bomb was thrown, tenants lived on the first floor.  As the resident of the fire bombed house and nearly a victim of the arson, I will take a moment to make MY speculation.  I presume the arsonist threw the fire bomb at the second floor where we sleep to inflict the most harm NOT from a grill. Anyone who may have taken the opportunity to observe the living habits at 3053 could quickly figure out where I resided and where the tenants resided.  I would be happy to answer your questions more specifically but the case remains UNSOLVED. Believe me, one thing we do have in common is wishing there were more details to this case. Until this happens, you know as much as I do. Please call the Cleveland FBI at 216-522-0161 if you have any ideas or questions

Would you feel better if we still slept on the second floor? Maybe or maybe not, if the fire were 3-week prior then you would truly have no one to respond to your horrible accusations.

I expect there to be public assumptions about by life as an elected official but to accuse me of intentionally or accidentally harming my family is disrespectful and insulting.  I am an elected official but I am also a father and husband.
I hope this answers your concerns. 
Joe Cimperman


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huge pay raise you voted for immediately after being elected

to office, Joe... in 1998... please don't be disingenuous.

The silence is deafening

Way to go Joe!  And, dbra, if Cimperman voted for a pay raise in 1998, so what.  The economy  was just fine.  As a matter of fact, I gave myself a pay raise.  Kate 

a $30,000 pay raise?

 thats the pay raise I've been referring to all along, none of the others.

Its disingenuous to post "I've voted against pay raises since 1999" knowing full well he sponsored the huge heft in council pay in 1998. conveniently ignored?

point made.

the silence

the silence is not as profound as the silence that I encountered, skd, when I ask you to explain the rumors that you were spreading about Rick Nagin  here on realneo. Total dead silence.

Run for any office Joe

 --but you will never get my vote.  I don't hate you, because I don't hate anyone, but I also don't respect you and never will. 

Sure, you might get a large percentile of the vote if you run for county executive.   And, if, by some miracle--you win--and you are not indicted with the rest of the Democratic party machine ( and the Democrats in Name Only Republicans i.e. Rokakis... and Republicans like Sinagra et al.. are all just as bad--if not worse)... then, I hope you experience some religious experience that forces you to acknowledge your past sins...especially as pertains to Frank Giglio...who is a martyr in my book.

And, I didn't say that you would "run" for state representative.  I said you would be appointed...the game is so old in tired in NEO and the Plain Dealer is pathetic and culpable for the crimes we live with every day.  Sure, they want to install Nina Turner...So, give her a run for the office.  It's your right and residents should have a choice, but it's the same old merry-go-round ride here in NEO...as my father used to say...a carousel in hell...


Speaking out

I do want to thank you, Councilman Cimperman, for showing up here. 

It's not easy to face detractors.  I do appreciate and respect that.  Still no vote, though...ever. 

And, to JeffB's assertions--will you at least admit that storing a grill on the second floor of a multiple occupancy residence amounts to gross negligence? 

I will agree as you query Roldo that it is easy to be against development, but harder to get consensus on which development to support. 

So, let me tell you what I would like to see--

I would like to see my money going to support the fixing and maintenance of existing infrastructure used in the service of community, BEFORE the creation of new infrastructure. 

Schools, libraries, recreation centers, housing, streets, sewers, utilities and BRIDGES.

And, I should remind you that the ODOT plan for the Innerbelt has not won significant community approval, so your "go with the flow" argument does not fly.  Convenient, that ODOT doesn't have to take a vote--and only has to go through the pretense of public process.

On the Medical Mart that you proudly support--it would have been nice if voters could have voted on the Medical Mart tax.  Do you really think that would have passed? 

?? Who will pay off the tax liens??

 ...and acquire the parcels in foreclosure for Aberdeen Investments??? 

They are no where near the amounts applied towards Frank Giglio...six units to one house demolished and the lien is less...hmmm...that's odd isn't it??? 

Time, again, for a little magic at the Board of Revision and Cuyahoga County Auditor's site...make those demolitions and the evidence disappear--POUF!!!


Cleveland Prior year interest - 2006 8.38 0.00 8.38
  Prior year interest - 2005 1.70 0.00 1.70
  Prior year interest - 2007 22.43 0.00 22.43
  Prior year interest - 2008 39.09 0.00 39.09
  Prior year tax - 2007 157.94 0.00 157.94
  Prior year penalty - 2005 13.89 0.00 13.89
  Prior year penalty - 2006 24.46 0.00 24.46
  Prior year penalty - 2008 25.30 0.00 25.30
  December interest - 2009 14.19 0.00 14.19
  Prior year August interest - 2009 21.40 0.00 21.40
  Prior year penalty - 2007 24.49 0.00 24.49
  Prior year penalty - 2004 13.70 0.00 13.70
  Prior year tax - 2008 163.20 0.00 163.20
  Prior year tax - 2004 88.48 0.00 88.48
  Prior year tax - 2006 157.78 0.00 157.78
  Prior year tax - 2005 89.52 0.00 89.52
  DELQ BALANCE 865.95 0.00 865.95
  1st half tax 76.27 0.00 76.27
  1ST HALF BALANCE 76.27 0.00 76.27
  2nd half tax 76.27 0.00 76.27
  2ND HALF BALANCE 76.27 0.00 76.27
M221020E-BOARD UP 1st half tax 1,485.50 0.00 1,485.50
  1st half SPA fee 14.86 0.00 14.86
  1ST HALF BALANCE 1,500.36 0.00 1,500.36
  2nd half tax 1,485.50 0.00 1,485.50
  2nd half SPA fee 14.86 0.00 14.86
  2ND HALF BALANCE 1,500.36 0.00 1,500.36
M221020-Demolition Prior year penalty - 2008 704.01 0.00 704.01
  Prior year SPA fee - 2008 45.42 0.00 45.42
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2008 7.04 0.00 7.04
  December SPA fee interest - 2009 0.88 0.00 0.88
  December interest - 2009 87.43 0.00 87.43
  Prior year tax - 2008 4,542.00 0.00 4,542.00
  DELQ BALANCE 5,386.78 0.00 5,386.78
  1st half tax 0.00 0.00 0.00
M119348C-GRASS CUTTING Prior year tax - 2008 616.00 0.00 616.00
  Prior year penalty - 2008 95.48 0.00 95.48
  Prior year SPA fee - 2008 6.16 0.00 6.16
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2008 0.96 0.00 0.96
  December interest - 2009 11.86 0.00 11.86
  December SPA fee interest - 2009 0.12 0.00 0.12
  DELQ BALANCE 730.58 0.00 730.58
TOTAL BALANCE   10,136.57 0.00 10,136.57