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FBI arrest US activist for using Twitter in non-violent protest

Submitted by Eternity on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 20:26.
Max Eternity - In yet another stunning act of domestic aggression, during the recent G20 summit in Pittsburgh, the Obama administration gave tacit approval for the FBI to arrest an activist for using the social network Twitter in communicating with other G20 protesters. This happens just a few months after the controversy over recent elections in Iran , which saw protesters in that country also using Twitter to communicate in solidarity and dissent.

Lack of legal help impacts devastation of foreclosure

Submitted by Eternity on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 19:49.
Arianna Huffington - As bad as America's foreclosure crisis is

Under the Bush-Obama reign, US loses "superpower" status

Submitted by Eternity on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:54.
Max Eternity - It has often been said that the revolution will not be televised, and in a move that is perhaps not so surprising, yet none the less shocking, the world's major oil producing nations have decided to dump the US dollar.  This comes just weeks after President Obama and The City of Chicago were rebuked in their attempts to secure the 2016 Olympics for the United States.  Yet, while the rest of the world continues to move on with its various independent adgendas, the US seems intent on staying in denial of its tremendous

45,000 deaths in US each year for lack of health insurance

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 20:09.

SNL sketch details all of Obama's failures since taking office

Submitted by Eternity on Sun, 10/04/2009 - 17:17.


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Ohio Mayor to Blogger "You're a Worthless Piece of Shit"

Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 10/03/2009 - 12:33.

Max Eternity - In a recent email, Mayor James (Jim) D. Kalb of Portsmouth, Ohio called a blogger a "worthless piece of s**t" and a "lonely, jealous old man" in response to a public record request.  An exerpt from the email reads:

Happy Birthday Gandhi

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 16:53.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi:  2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948) was the pre-eminent political and spiritual le

Michael Moore's Message to Barack Obama

Submitted by Eternity on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 20:18.

"This is not the time to desert us. This is not the time to be the representative for the private health insurance industry. We need you to stand up!"

Jesse Tolkan says clean coal is "an absolute 100% lie"

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 09/28/2009 - 10:45.

The Real News - Paul Jay speaks to Jessy Tolkan at the Tides Foundations' Momentum conference in San Francisco. They speak about Tolkan's coalition on climate change fighting Obama to establish a moratorium on all coal mining.

FaceBook = voluntary corporate & government surveillance

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 09/28/2009 - 00:14.

Rush Limbaugh says "We Need Segregated Buses"

Submitted by Eternity on Sun, 09/27/2009 - 21:02.

Raw Story - In a remark extraordinary even by the standards of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing radio heavyweight declared on his program Wednesday that the United States needed to return to racially segregated buses.

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Nancy Bechtol @ Art Digital Magazine

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 09/25/2009 - 14:15.

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Race, Class and the "Geography of Opportunity" in America

Submitted by Eternity on Tue, 09/22/2009 - 12:17.

Art is Eternal

Submitted by Eternity on Sun, 09/20/2009 - 18:19.

don't celebrate me,

celebrate my work

for i could never be as beautiful or important

"There's No Denying Obama's Race Plays Factor In Protests"

Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 09/19/2009 - 12:48.

Max Eternity - After an entire summer of heated discussions and culture clashes at town hall meetings created by the government as a forum to discuss healthcare reform in America, the specter of Southern white supremacy tied-at-the-hip with a particular slice of the blue collar white, working and middle class, erupted in sea of vitriol; putting on full display the racist slant that a portion of America's collective has of the current state of affairs in the United States and its current president--a bi-racial, black man named Barack Obama.

NYT: 36 Hours in Cleveland

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 22:41.

New York Times - “YOU Gotta Be Tough” was a popular T-shirt slogan worn by Clevelanders during the 1970s, a grim period marked by industrial decline, large-scale population flight and an urban environment so toxic the Cuyahoga River actually caught on fire. These days it still helps to be at least a little tough; a fiercely blue-collar ethos endures.

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What does it say that Obama's Surgeon General choice is overweight and used to work for Burger King?

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 22:24.

Bill Maher @ The Huffington Post - President Obama has identified all the problems with the health care system, but there's one tiny issue he refuses to tackle, and that's our actual health.  And get this: Surgeon General Benjamin had previously been a nutritional advisor to Burger King. The only advice a "health expert" should give Burger King is to stop selling food.

AD Mag update: Brian Piana

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 21:02.
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Deepak Chopra: How to deal with FOX News

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 17:26.

Max Eternity - In all the years since I first discovered Deepak Chopra, never in my life have I heard him speak the truth in such a hilarious manner as he wrote today in a post @ The Huffington Post:

Kucinich creates petition "establishing healthcare as a civil right"

Submitted by Eternity on Sun, 09/13/2009 - 21:16.

Whereas, Universal Health Care was proposed by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912; and

Whereas today, nearly 100 years later, 47 million Americans are uninsured and another 50 million are underinsured bringing great social and economic harm to the American family; and

Whereas, HR 676, authored by Congressmen John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich provides for Medicare for All, a universal, single payer, not-for-profit health care system which means the end of premiums, copays and deductibles; and

Naomi Klein: Has the president turned his back on black America?

Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 09/12/2009 - 10:41.

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Structural & Civil Engineers Cite Evidence of 911 Controlled Demolition

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 09/11/2009 - 11:57.


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