Congratulations W Mona Scott

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Cleveland Foundation contributes to decline of our region

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Recently, a retired teacher Paul Springstrubb wrote an editorial on the performance of the Cleveland Foundation.

Scene Magazine's Sam Allard followed up:

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Beating the Heat

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During this mini-heat wave, I am not the only person who books a hotel room to beat the heat.  Apparently, whole families cram into the rooms at the Akron Courtyard Marriott, leading the management to issue a legal waiver notifying noisy groups that they will be thrown out and forfeit their reservation deposits.

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Hempgate - SHUT DOWN the Land Bank

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Open Government

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 (Convo....right Frank)

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Ideastream- Noble Rd Update by Nick Castele

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Thank you Nick Castele for your recent coverage of the on-going crimes committed by the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.  I am sure that the timing of the upcoming trail had nothing to do with the sudden realization to provide some coverage at Ideastream.  I am writing this on Sunday - my day off from work. The HR record at my place of employment will show I have been harassed by Tony Brancatelli and Jim Rokakis for writing about the land bank and demolitions at the website
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Equitable Community Development Strategy .. Bulls#t waste tax$$$

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From: Office of the Mayor
Daniel Williams, Director of Media Relations Office of the Mayor
(216) 664-4011
Latoya Hunter, Assistant Director of Media Relations, Social Media and Digital Integration
Office of the Mayor
(216) 664-4303


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True American Hero

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STANLEY H. ADAMS(1921 - 2019)

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Council Rep Santana notified of delinquent properties

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Hello Councilwoman Santana,
You asked me to mail the parcel numbers for the properties owned by Ginmark/aka White Gold. Here are the parcels and the delinquent taxes on the properties:
Parcel Number, Deeded Owner, Address, City, State, Zip Code
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ADAHMS board and CPS in NEO

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The immeasurable destruction to lives as a result of frauds, deviants, and traffickers in NEO has subjected countless children to harm by and through lies and abuses to their parents, mostly to UNSUSPECTING mothers...

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Sam Miller is DEAD

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CHN is NOT exempt from Rental Registration FEES

Submitted by mabeldog on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 14:04.

Cleveland has a MANDATORY Rental Registration Program, Cleveland Certified Ordinance Section 365, that requires registration of ALL rental properties and a payment of $35 annually for EACH individual unit. ALL OWNERS MUST REGISTER.  CHN Crime Partners is NOT exempt.

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Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation

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Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation

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WEWS and are being paid to whitewash criminal CDC, Land Bank and CHN

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Breaking: Racist Agenda of Plain Dealer Reporter Mark Naymik exposed

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To distance themselves from Mark Naymik's racially intended hit pieces on Councilman Ken Johnson, Advance media editors had another reporter, Robert Higgs, do an "impartial" review of council expense reports.  The effort backfired in a major way as Factchecker, aka former East Cleveland Mayor Eric J. Brewer, sliced and diced the article:

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Stop Cuyahoga County Council from approving new CCLB structure

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Take the humanitarian and civil and positive LEAD

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 How about Lionel Richie's and Micheal Jackson's 

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Nashville versus Cleveland

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By now, most people realize that Nashville beat out Cleveland and Pittsburgh for the Amazon HQ2.

Why and how will be analyzed in depth.  Digital inclusion needs to be part of that discussion.  Unfortunately, in typical CLE-CUY fashion-- the focus and distribution of funds needed to change the equation is being directed through the Cleveland Foundation and through a dysfuctional community development service model at the municipal and county level--ALL dependent on FEDERAL MONIES.

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The Once and Future Mayor

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The world's richest man, the first billionaire, lived in East Cleveland at what is now Forest Hill Park on over 700 acresof land. Euclid Avenue was "Millionaire's Row" and the 2nd wealthiest street in the nation behind Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York. When I attended shopping center conventions to introduce developers to the city my pitch was that he left us with everything.

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Kevin Kelley, Ken Johnson, Anthony Brancatelli, Joe Cimperman, Frank Jackson ....Their behavior as elected officials all LOOKS bad.  It doesn't help to have two journalists arguing with each other about presenting the news.   There is a dust up on FB between Eric Brewer and Sam Allard:


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GREED threatens Red Line Greenway potential

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Red Line Greenway

Why the Potential Sale of Land threatens the Greenway

November 2018

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