new dance video - LeftLuggae

Submitted by Susan Miller on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 14:50.

Simon Fildes sent an email to me inside realneo pointing out that he and Katrina McPherson have posted a new video at LeftLuggage. After you click the link to check out the video, click on There are four videos that represent the pair's ongoing videodance research.

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I love Left Luggage

Thanks Susan - very cool to have the creator sharing insight with us here in NEO from so afar - very inspiring. I can't tell which is the new video - do you have the name or URL?

Disrupt IT

4 part series at

I get there by clicking on and then select the 4 video links in the rectangular boxes above. This is especially cool because Kirstie Simson was just in Oberlin working with Ann Cooper-Albright (another contact improv afficianado) and I missed it. But here she is dancing, improvising and talking about it from Italy. The section with the interview of Katrina will be fascinating to cinematographers and choreographers as well as to Jeff and Martha who joined me for the concert of work by KT Niehoff last weekend in Oberlin. There were lots of what you can and can't see issues and getting into the dance (physically and spatially) in that work we saw. Katrina says interesting things that shed light on those issues. Jeff got some great video of the Niehoff perfomance and some great pics, too. They seem to have eluded him at the moment, but hopefully they might re-emerge and be posted.