dance video of the day - Ultima Vez

Submitted by Susan Miller on Mon, 03/19/2007 - 08:12.

Niel Nisbet of Article 19 gives us a preview of what I would rush to see if it were not across the pond. Click on the link to see what he posted a couple of days ago on Article 19, one of the best dance websites in the world -- these guys pull out all the technology stops to support dance in Europe!

Niel says, "If you get a certain amount of deja vue while watching this video feature of Ultima Vez then fret not because not only is Spiegel a retrospective on some of the company's work from the last two decades but a lot of the movement style you see here has found its way into hundreds of works by many companies over the years."

I had the amazing experience of seeing this company at Mershon Auditorium in Columbus several years ago. Wow, no problem staying awake for the ride home. This is edge of your seat dance viewing. Talk about high risk dancing -- this is it! Fasten your seat belt and try to imagine this company in our town. I hope that the next time they tour the US, they will be close enough that I can make the trip to be there.

Be sure to click through to the company's website to learn more and then, we can all lobby Tri-C to bring them here.

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