East Cleveland Town Hall Polarizes Masses Toward Positive Community Change

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Tue, 07/31/2007 - 11:41.

An invigorating, purposeful, passionate discourse and dialogue focused and facilitated by East Cleveland Councilwoman and Champion Barbara Thomas transpired this past Monday.   The meeting was convened at Apethrope Apartments, just one block from the Superior rapid station and was attended by several local dignitaries, including local pastors, former mayor Saratha Goggins, Cuyahoga County's Board of Health's Annie Stahlheber and several members of police and sheriff's departments (Officers Michael Jackson, Lieutenant McKloskey, and  Officer Stanton respectively). Of course RealNEO represented well, with Norm Roulet presenting our transformative vision for a new East Cleveland via revitalization and transmutation of the Hough Bakery Building – now renamed the Star Complex – near Lakeview and Euclid.  I was able to announce administration of a revamp of a computer donation, collection, and distribution program REALNEO stars envisioned prior to site inception and orchestrated last year.

Many Key Plans were discussed:

Lieutenants and Captains of Police and Sheriff departments discussed plans to coordinate on new safety initiatives in the wake of a cluster of homicides (5) in recent times.   The current frugally-funded force at EC will have support from other auxiliary sources.  Officers encouraged citizen activism and participation toward peace by contacting the Sheriff's department at 216-443-6085 ( Jackson) and EC Police (Officer Stanton, et al) at 216-451-1234.

City Captains and Committee Clusters were announced to provide a more concerted and cohesive governance and stewardship of the community.   Citizens will focus on reclaiming the city and freeing it from frenzied fanatics and crazed convicts alike.

A major prostitution ring was busted and prostitution is still being addressed via a series of stings designed to root out the problem.   Several women have been servicing seniors in nursing homes, it was revealed.

Anne Stahlheber of Cuyahoga County Board of Health and Cardiovascular task force discussed plans for an innovative community gardening program for Coit Road Market.   The program will facilitate healthful nutrition, slow food economy and community placemaking for East Cleveland and support will be needed for a community newsletter recently launched. Miss Anne encouraged supporters to reach her at 216-201-2001 x154.

And last but not least RealNEO founder Norm Roulet discussed aggressive development of his new home in East Cleveland on Roxbury as well as plans to facilitate technological transformation via WI-FI cloud distribution from said domicile (Tudor).   Also discussed were our collaborative efforts to transform the old Hough Bakery Building by incorporating the Inner Circle Cybercafé, inculcating innovative charter school programming, community development support services for youth and seniors alike, incubator space for aspiring entrepreneurs, and other revenue-reaping community enhancement projects.    I was able to discuss driving Digital Divide mitigation via computer collection and distribution efforts and will soon unveil training and support plans as well.

All in all it was a good start and a true movement to action.  Join us and volunteer to help transform a great community into one of the greatest in the world!  

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