Cleveland last in Brown University city eGov analysis

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From Brown University's ongoing analysis of city eGov, we read:

The researchers examined the electronic-government efforts of the
nation’s 70 largest city governments. Rounding out the top five were San Diego, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. At the bottom of the rankings were Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Greenville, S.C., Syracuse and West Palm Beach.

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In response, Cleveland is getting serious about eGov - and REALNEO will help them with that...

Cleveland to boost online services

From Cleveland's Crain's Tech eNewsletter:


7:48 AM Oct. 11, 2004

The city of Cleveland is adding some oomph to
its online presence as it works to cut City Hall red tape and speed up
the processing of city building permits and code enforcement actions.

it will be at least a year until city workers and the public see any
results, the city is spending $30 million on software that will give
the public and city employees quick access to information about
permitting, licensing and code enforcement with a geographic
information system (GIS) that will put the data on maps. It's expected
to save time for citizens and companies doing business with the city
and to give them greater online access to city permit and land
management services.

Accela Inc. of Dublin, Calif., is providing
the overall system management software, which it calls Accela
Automation, and Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. of
Redlands, Calif., is providing the GIS program. The Cleveland office of
MWH Global Inc., an engineering consulting firm headquartered in
Bloomfield, Colo. , is supervising the installation.

Cleveland is playing catch-up when it comes to turning its paperwork into bits and bytes, a process called "e-government."

month, Cleveland ranked dead last in a Brown University e-government
scorecard that measured and ranked the information and services
provided online by government agencies in the country's 70 largest
cities. A year earlier, Cleveland ranked 58th

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