West Side Mural

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 01/21/2008 - 22:40.

This mural is on a building which is owned, as I understand, by the artist. It is just off of the SW corner of Detroit and W 25th.

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Today's header features RJaenke

  Cleveland Public Art will be holding a presentation on art in the urban environment.  Ryan has a long history of exploring the art underworld.  I will post more, soon.  Or, Ryan--please feel free to elaborate. 

I don't know Paul Rogers.  He may own this building, I am not sure--but I do know that this is a Ryan Jaenke piece (ironically, defaced by someone else wielding a spray can).  Ryan  doesn't own the building...Paul and Ryan are represented by Artchitecture Gallery.

Reception at Cleveland Public Art--Thursday, February 7th 5:30 to whenever

BTW, Cleveland Public Art--you need to get a better web site...any of these art related sites, need to consider how well you communicate a message--sad to say, but it's an art reality.  WHERE do you turn to for arts events information?????