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So its eleven thirty at night before the easter friday holiday and the lines are long in front of the clubs.  Minus 5 cel but the heels and hems are still high.  I see the H2 (Norm’s nemesis) and I go for my  cam – but then I read the copy on the outside of the Hummer “BlogTV.Ca”  


I did a U turn.  Knocked on the passenger’s side window, and was invited inside.  Here I was in a foreign town, cold, and I was invited in.   I could see that the driver had a laptop going – it illuminated his face.  I assumed he was on the web – the cloud was covering College Ave.


Here’s what they do – go into a club and broadcast the event on the web.  Broadcast coffee clutches.  Broadcast comedy. Traditional TV is toast.  Sell your stock now. I have their info. Can you picture a Port Authority Web TV broadcast?  I can.


Walter, thanks for your hospitality – and thank your producer/chief too.  Walter, you are free to log into Realneo and say your peice.  Teach us your trade.


Best, Jeff

PS see web defs of "talking trash" here and here

Lev Gonick is in charge of One Cleveland, now renamed One Community. Lev has told me there is superhiway width fiber in Cleveland - but we have the Science Museum and RockyRollFameHall doing sims while neighborhoods languish offline.

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Hummer of the Day - but note bicycle parking stand

Bad vehicle choice - cool use of technology - and Toronto shows its class with their standard bike lock rack, which are all over town (even in old warehouse districts....

And only you would get in a hummer with a strange blogger...

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Norm, you are almost always looking way (way over) past the horizon, but (forget the type of auto guzzler in my foto) you haven't gotten me up to speed on what Toronto is doing.  So, Norm, if you don't alert me to what the cutting web edge is, I want no complaints!    What Walter's lead guy told me, if their TV web channel can get 100 viewers - that's hot for ad rev.   So when I talked with Walter - who was a gentleman par ex cel ance - and we kicked up our Neo Realneo website in the Hummer - and 161 viewers were on REALNEO - boy did I look good.  (Ev - you were the only member on line) Norm, you never alerted me to Web TV.  You owe me.


Material Matters!

I put some very cool Toronto stuff on REALNEO...

Wow - correspondent blogging from a Hummer in Toronto - M.J. in the field in Tehran - sharing the vibe on WHYS - I like this community. Do a search on REALNEO for Toronto to get up to speed on there... gotta stay current... miss a day, miss a lot!

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Bring in the galaxy, bring in the globe. I will lift it up. (let me breathe) And then we can discuss it later…  Realneo is the  vehicle... do me!  Tehran is welcome, big time...

not available in your country at this time

Tried to get blogTV. ca, but no go...

Sorry! blogTV.ca is not available in your country at this time.

If you are in Canada and are being denied access to this site, it may be due to your internet set-up. Please contact your internet service provider for more information.


Susan, the producer fellow mentioned something about this to me while I was warming up in the Hummer.  I didn't understand how content - once on the internet - could be shut off at the Ca - Us border.  The producer said SEC - FCC he wasn't sure.  I don't like it.  I thought the internet was open. 

Producer said you can develop a "back door" to receive it in the US.  Derek, what do you know about this...?

161 people online or is it a cron run?

I often wonder about these huge numbers. It is nice to think that that many people are reading our stuff, but I am skeptical. Isn't it possible that the news aggregator was accessing the server at realneo or something rather than there were 161 readers pouring over your every typo? You didn’t believe it (nor did they) when I told you that there were 500 people online at GCBL, but it seems plausible when the numbers are high at realneo.

Like the “use your login anywhere with Drupal site method; I want to believe it, but my trust goes to shit when it doesn't work. Am I typical? Am I like the normal user who might try that, and when it doesn't work, I go away never to return? I know someone who has tried to post here, but has been denied access. It must be annoying for him to read this lovey dovey open source rhetoric when he can't login to post a comment.

Maybe one day you guys can prove me wrong, renew my faith in the gospel Jeff preaches from the pulpit of newfound technograce. Hallelujah! I want to believe -- obviously because I post here often. Hell, I blog here. I just need an in person realneo/drupal 101 course. Maybe at Defrag I will gain some understanding. Bring me along…

Contact Derek about all tech issues

I'm sure some of the traffic data is cron, etc., but we're getting plenty of visitors. The log in issue is a challenge, as get get dozens of spam registrations a day and I con't keep up with cleaning them out fast enough - I try to go through them each day and activate any real registrations, like M.J. but probably have missed a few. I need to take an afternoon (like I have any of them free these days) and clean out all the trash registrations - we also need to do a blast to all realm members to update them - and we need to figure out how to make registration easier for all of us - and get the remote log in working again. Derek will need to help figure all this out - his plate is full with server optimization (in response to all that traffic) and upgrading our many sites to newer versions of Drupal, PHP, etc... if this stuff was easy, everyone would be doing it. We'll make it easier for users but the process is hard on the developers. Be patient, and contact Derek directly with tech issues and questions. Thanks!

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Make sure you hit Queen Street, with all the galleries

Always something cool clicking on Queen - day or night. There is also a great Jerk stand on Queen - Alberts - and great fish and chips (don't remember the name, but I'm sure it is the only one...)

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the users guide to NOL


I know you know Toronto and I se that you have suggested some spots for Jeff to check out. Jeffrey and I will visit New Orleans soon. Maybe you have some suggestions of things we should not miss while there. I am eager to know what they are from a former resident.