Monet of the Day: "Customhouse, Varengeville" 1882 - the significance of place

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 03/15/2007 - 12:41.
What is your visual and emotional impression of Cleveland and our Lake Erie shore?

In this work Monet seems to record not just a visual impression of the sea coast at Varengeville but an emotional impression as well. Place was very important to Monet throughout his long career. He often spent months in a specific location painting many canvases.

Here at Varengeville, the small building is seen from a distance across a gorge making it appear very lonely and isolated. Once used by military officers to enforce taxes on goods shipped by sea, the little house was no longer in use by the time Monet painted it. Tucked in to the topography it seems to meld with nature.

Thanks for keeping this series going and bringing it home

Great painting and connection to our thinking about home. My first observation is how amazing is Monet's sense of composition (I've mentioned this before) and his technique - beautiful... it is like the waves move to the land, as Monet continues the energy from the water and brings it to the vegetation, ending with the tension of the man made structure. My second observation is what a green place by blue water he capures here... our mission for this community.

Disrupt IT


As long as I'm using electricity, this isn't a view I would mind.  But it is not the view that I believe is appropriate now for Cleveland.  We need to look at turbines on shore first.  Mr. Mason, the Energy task force' report details (page 30) the very high risk of an offshore turbine facility.  Is this "high risk" appropriate for Cuyahoga County taxpayers?