Art of the Day: Yoshitomo Nara

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 07/13/2006 - 22:57.


There was a show of Yoshitomo Nara's work at MOCA Cleveland a few years ago, it was one of the most memorable shows I have seen there. This Japanese artist's imagery haunts you like a bad experience from your childhood. I felt compelled to buy this ash tray from the gift shop even though I have not smoked since high school. This Wikipedia page on Yoshitomo Nara provides some nice background. Not all his images are so biting. I think what I like about his work is that he captures the essence of modern childhood in both a personal and general way.

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I like this piece, provocative as it may be. 

Be sure to check out the local art at the ALLgoSIGNS space in the McCory Building at iNGENUITY!
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I will definitely be there

I will definitely be there at Ingenuity. I'm all for local artists. You can be sure that many of the ALLgoSIGNS artists will make it into "Art of the Day" soon.