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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 07/11/2006 - 12:03.


No recognition of the arts as important to the world, much less Cleveland, may overlook Derek Hess, who first was widely known for powerful, angst-filled figurative music posters promoting shows he was then booking at the old Euclid Tavern, which became a fine art business for Derek, which allowed him to grow his global impact to a level few artists in Cleveland have ever achieved, all while staying in and investing in Cleveland, organizing the Strhess Tour, and Strhess Clothing, and making Gallery 1300 happen and happening (opening there this Friday, July 14th). Read more about Derek below, visit the links, and if you are smart buy some of his work while you still may.


(Cleveland, OH) – Derek Hess is an artist in demand. By the beginning of next year he will have traveled nearly 17,000 miles between five cities, held shows featuring his art work, promoted new apparel and a new website for Strhess Clothing as well as made stops at the 2006 edition of the Strhess Tour. All the while continuing to create the pieces that helped make him a household name in both the art and music industry, crafting posters for artists such as Fall Out Boy and Lewis Black of The Daily Show fame. “It’s going to be a busy, exciting year,” Hess said. “We’re looking forward to everything that is happening.”

Strhess Tour 2006 – Shadows Fall headlines the 2006 Strhess Tour, making stops in 28 cities across the country.

Strhess Clothing – Strhess clothing presents new 2006 apparel as well as introduces a rejuvenated website.

Baybeats – Derek Hess travels to Singapore to lecture and hold an exhibit at Baybeats 2006, Singapore’s annual indie music festival.

Featured exhibits at Scribble Theory in Los Angeles on September 7, The Gallery of Screen Arts in St. Augustine, Florida on December 1 and Fuse Gallery in New York City on March 3, 2007

For more information about Derek Hess or Strhess events please visit,, or contact Marty Geramita at marty [at] strhess [dot] com or 216.281.4868

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I knew I had seen his work...

It was just a faint memory, a small glisten of something that rang a bell...
It was  a good night.... the people where in black and the music was loud!
Godsmack was knocking the plaster off the walls at the agora .... it was the Headbangers ball.

And all I got was this kick ass T-Shirt MTV was not so kindly giving away!

I used to see his posters for Euclid Tavern shows

I have known Derek Hess's work for many years. I would see his rock posters on telephone poles advertising shows at the Euclid Tavern (now part of Cleveland's rock history). I love his  style and even when I knew nothing about the band the poster got me intrigued. One of my favorite Derek Hess posters is one he did for the band Craw (my friend Zack was in the band).  Its basically an ugly guy rocking out in a tutu. I am always glad to see a Cleveland artist become as successful as Derek Hess has.

This guy does the same thing

This guy does the same thing over and over


and over


and over


and over nauseum.

Going all the way back to the Euclid Tavern

So does Julian Stanczak... And so well.

Not many artists develop such unique and globally recognized styles. CIA deserves some credit, I suppose.

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