Art of the Day: "Kill" by Joseph Filak

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 07/24/2006 - 00:52.


Joseph Filak's work is in a  must-see show called "New American Art" going on now at Doubting Thomas Gallery (this work is in a private collection). I consider Doubting Thomas to be the most avant-garde  gallery here in Cleveland -- they would be avant-garde anywhere, we are just lucky to have them in Cleveland. I have been watching Filak's work for about two years now. He uses iconic stenciled images and words like the grenade and "kill" -- words that arouse fear and aggression. I like his artist's statement in the show. His pieces are made of painted boards and metal plates with metal fasteners like nuts and screws. They are priced very low, but the craftmanship is actually quite beautiful.


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My kind of art

Actually - that's my art. I bought that piece for some insanely low price at an amazing show at asterix gallery in Tremont last year... BTW, I just realized there is not a website for Asterix?!?! So keep your eyes open for shows there and I will try to post them here, as they are some of the best in town!... Asterisk* Gallery - AsteriskGallery [at] Eudoramail [dot] com 2393 Professor Ave. (map) (330) 304-8528

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Love your work - showing anywhere now?

Thanks for posting the link - I love your work and got "Kill" at * - please post when and where you are showing your work around Cleveland... where and how we can buy otherwise

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