Art of the day: HOME by Keri Mortimer

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Sun, 06/25/2006 - 11:04.


Each of Keri Mortimer's paintings presents a simple story. In it the present is more important than the past, but the lonely, iconic elements (the house, the factory) do allude to a human presence and activity that took place in the past. Mortimer's paintings are also about her fears, though she says "growing up in the comfortable Midwest, my subconscious had to go out of its way to find things to be afraid of."

What artists best convey a sense of "home" to you?  

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I really like Bridget Ginley

The artist who most makes me think of my home, with is urban Cleveland, is "generation X girl, midwestern underground culture vulture, painter, printmaker, mixed~media visual artist, true libra, flaming liberal, short, dark & pasty, music freak, sarcastic joker, cranky smartass & somewhat human sometimes" Bridget Ginley, who is a real driver for local arts in this community and a great artist herself. She did a series of photo-painted collages that really capture the core of our community - dark, layered, dense, gritty and entirely unique in every way. As unique was the Buzz Gallery co-op she seemed to lead, first in the Artcade and then on W.25th, until it recently closed - now she leads AIV@5700... "Art in the Village@5700 is an alternative space in Cleveland whose mission is to provide local artists the opportunity to showcase their work within a professional enviroment while contributing to the Slavic Village creative cultural class... It's at 5700 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio 44127, 216-458-4663, Open 9 - 5pm Mon ~ Fri - found online at Bridget also has the most consistently interesting albeit dark, layered, dense, gritty and entirely unique blog in and about NEO,

From ErieEffusion, where Bridget Ginley offers "Free Art Fridays"...

unfin cleveland watercolor/drawing 2006
9 X 12in on watercolor paper

welcome to FREE ART FRIDAY
every friday this blog gives away art
if there is something you fancy , nancy boy
just email me at erie [dot] effusion [at] hotmail [dot] com
and send me the address/ post office box you
wish me to mail it to - FREE OF POSTAGE TOO
am i nuts ? well, yess but some of these
would be tossed due to imperfections based
soley on my neurosis about my art....
so take it, it's freeeeeeeeeee
you have three days to claim the goods....