NOTES: 12.14.04 REALNEO@REI Orientation session

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 12/14/2004 - 21:52.

Thanks to REI for hosting this session, and Peter Holmes for leading the discussion. Our focus was to "collaborate on unique services provided in connection with application for service mark registration". In attendance was a range of community leaders with varied interests - entrepreneurship, consulting, change management and technology, so the discssion was lively, rich and diverse. And, it seems one of the greatest areas of unique value of REALNEO is the bottom-up, diverse interaction it enables, as represented by this physical community today.

Ted Takacs will post his detailed notes from the orientation, and we'll link in Peter Holmes' discussion documents and notes as soon as they are available - I'll limit my comments today to saying thank you to the scores of people in NEO who have embraced this environment as an enabler for change, and who are now contributing content and value in ways not possible before - to me, that is a greatest realization of the unique value of REALNEO, being empowering the unique value of great individuals here.