Meet Sierra Club Organizer Mattie Reitman In Cleveland Heights To Plan For MCCO EPA Hearing and to "Move Beyond Coal"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 07/22/2010 - 11:50.
07/24/2010 - 15:00
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Peace Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Dear citizens of Northeast Ohio who are concerned about health, prosperity and/or the environment....

There is a coal burning power plant operated by Medical Center Company (MCCO) in University Circle, and another has been planned by MCCO for construction in East Cleveland, and that is harmful to the environment, our economy, and the health and educational achievement and so success in life of all citizens in neighboring communities, like Cleveland, East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights, and regionally and worldwide.

This Saturday, 3-5 PM - at Peace Park and around Coventry Village, in Cleveland Heights - you are encouraged to meetup with a representative of the Sierra Club to learn more about the pollution and harm caused by MCCO - and alternatives to burning coal in your neighborhood.

The Sierra Club is supporting our community to "Move Beyond Coal" and in preparation for a Federal EPA hearing on the renewal of the permit for the MCCO plant to continue burning coal polluting Cleveland Heights - August 10, 2010, 4:30-6:45 PM at the MLK Branch of the Cleveland Public Library

You are encouraged to attend that public meeting to speak out against needless pollution of your neighborhoods and families by MCCO, to "Move Beyond Coal".

You are invited to join Sierra Club Campuses Beyond Coal field organizer Matthew/Mattie Reitman for an informal public awareness meet-up in Cleveland Heights, Saturday, July 24, 2010, from 3-5 PM, to discuss all of this and help spread word in your community.

The Cleveland Heights meet-up will begin at 3 PM and end at 5 PM in the shaded sculpture area at the entrance to Peace Park, at Euclid Heights Boulevard and Coventry Road, and the occasion will feature some walking information sharing in the surrounding Coventry Village neighborhood, grass-roots style. Learn about moving beyond coal from the Sierra Club - join the walk - distribute some fliers - educate the community - share in an important environmental cause with your neighbors.

Take this great opportunity to become informed and active fighting pollution in Northeast Ohio while experiencing the unique and wonderful qualities and people of Cleveland Heights - long a progressive, "No-Nukes" zone.

Read more about the hearing on realNEO at "EPA Hosting Public Hearing to Discuss Citizen Concerns Over MCCO University Circle Coal Powerplant Permit Renewal"

Please contact me or Mattie Reitman with any questions - feel free to comment here on realNEO regarding this - and RSVP if you may attend (RSVP not necessary - drop by any time 5-7 and you'll see us around) - norm [at] realneo [dot] us...

Matthew/Mattie Reitman
Beyond Coal Field Organizer, Ohio
Sierra Club, 131 N High St #605, Columbus OH 43215
mattie [dot] reitman [at] sierraclub [dot] org
614.461.0734 x316 (o)  /  315.450.6628 (c)

House owned by Case right behind MCCO, in Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio


Coventry Entrance to Peace Park
Corner of Euclid Heights and Coventry Shaded sculpture area
Cleveland Heights, OH
United States
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Missed Matt today

But I caught up with Keith at the Chateau.  Great guy.  Lucky for you Norm--a good friend.  I know you guys went door-to-door.  Sorry I missed you all. 

Keith and I talked.  I don't know how we can light a fire under folks in East Cleveland.  The Post Office, the Library, blocks and blocks of housing slated for demolition to hand over to the coal plant and CWRU/'s insane and UNREALNEO...

Perhaps the council folks mentioned in this article might help take up the cause...

I don't know what to do--we can't even count on student organizing as CWRU is on summer break.  Students there are so apathetic anyway.

Perhaps--Matt can arrange to meet with the candidate Peter Corrigan running against Dennis Kucinich--his friend and campaign advisor Darryck Collins might also be able to offer ideas for organizing--Is anyone running against Marcia Fudge?  Is this gross environmental injustice even on her radar??

I'm sorry we missed you... we walked the streets

I'm sorry we missed you... we walked the streets and nobody in the neighborhood knew about the power plant and all the kids in the neighborhood have asthma.

Interesting the power plant people were able to keep the Chateau from opening - that's real power, for corrupt politicians.

Time to take some polluter sell out politicians OUT OF POWER.

Killer, hater motherfuckers, redefined!

Disrupt IT

Black on Black Crime, Inc. asking for help with saving PO

The members of this very proactive group were discussing this at last week's Wednesday meeting. They were looking for support to help them keep the Post Office open. They have meetings every Wednesday.

I had the blessed opportunity to meet with the members and leadership of Black on Black Crime, Inc. The citizens in that meeting opened their meeting with song, prayer, and all normal procedures of a business meeting. The membership collectively and individually were given time to present various events, fundraisers, community issues, and planning for upcoming training opportunities for the membership in peaceful demonstrations. This open forum was respectful, civilized, and actually quite empowering. As these community leaders and activists united to discuss, share, and promote positive progressive activities; they were highly considerate and welcoming to outsiders including but not limited to myself.

I admire and salute their efforts to promote positive productive solutions and resolutions in their individual and collective communities. They face similar issues as we face. One of the members was promoting a protest to the closing of the Post Office. Although I did not get details, I am certain that they are available from the agency.

Perhaps if you call them, you will find the support required to accomplish your collective mission of saving the PO!!!

Perhaps if you all shared the various details of the issues you might may come to resolves...I don't believe that they have all of the facts you disclosed. Share with them and they can share with you.... Prayers to all!


United We Stand! 


What if the crimes are White on Black... and White on White

What if the crimes is White on Black Crime... and White on White Crime... which was pretty much the story of environmental crime in the world until more blacks became corporate, government and community leaders, and also sold the common man out.

I guess I'm looking for People of All Colors On Environmental Crimes...

United We Stand!

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