How Do I Make and Install a Rain Barrel?

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------How Do I Make and Install a Rain Barrel?   
Click here for our handout on rain barrels which describes the system we use and how to build it/install it. 

You can also attend one of our upcoming workshops which is sometimes and easier option because we get all the materials for you, have all the tools, and teach you how to make it.

Upcoming Rain Barrel Workshops

We will have the barrel, parts, tools and downspout diverter. You will make your own barrel (help is provided if necessary) to take home to use on your home.

Choose a date/time that works for you and call the appropriate number to register.  We will send out a registration confirmation with directions to the location.  Their

To promote conservation of land and aquatic resources
in a developed environment through
stewardship, education, and technical assistance.

(also free rain barrels to those that qualify)and if you are considering a pond, call them, they offer services to help map out water issues. Each county has a SWCD division. Used to be part of the Lake County one, miss it, I should get back into it, was fun too. They all need vol if interested as well. The rain barrel shown, is one of many that are painted and auctioned off by--copy) :

The Cuyahoga SWCD has 27 artists who donated their time, money and amazing talent to paint rain barrels for us!) Check them out :) Betty


more info at


checking craig's list

there are many selling them (re-usable from biz) from 40.00 for those who don't know the value of shopping, to 10.00 for DIY 


One of my fav sayings, "If you take care of the pennies, the dollar takes care of themselves." Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Rainbarrels need automatic drain to be effective

Once the barrel is full,   I find that that there is little motivation to drain it - especially in the winter, spring, fall when everything you would water with the barrel is already wet.  So 75% of the year the barrel has no purpose.   And even in the summer the barrel is pointless if it isn't drained between rains.

What is needed is an automatic drain which operates on ambient air humidity - as soon as the air is dry, the valve opens.  This way the barrel is empty for the next rain.

however, the bottom 3" or so of water

would need to be continued refreshed so it didn't turn green.... flow from the open source rain or downspout and draining does prevent that.  Great series is at


with videos too :) Pretty impressive so far, gotta see how they get them all drained the best way, Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Do you work for your county Betty

Do you work for your county Betty thats a good job to have they now what it takes to raise a family and keep a roof over there head and they have good benefits too so you dont have to worry about dying poor. My nephew has a county job out here and they treat you right not always trying to squeeze another dime out of you good for you.

They do alot of the water savings here too lord knows we need to keep it precious.

Nope Betty I do not

I am self employed, self insur as well. Lucky to have had a super husband for 37 years, no, Damn lucky, with God's hand in it of course, being number one. We had a construction business (since moved in a different directions/ divisions) for over 25 yrs, he died almost 8 yrs ago of colon cancer - at 55 - way to young. I wrote a poem - missing him so much. 

  When we had that division, I sat on the board of the Lake County Sewer and Water Conservation District for abit. Very Interesting vol/work.

Norm did a video on here about birth, at the other end of life, our family buried our loved one without the asistance of a funeral director.

Lives were like that way back when, the birth and death was handled by family and personal, not like it has all become today.


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The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Oh read I read that one wrong too!

Oh read I read that one wrong too! I thought you was offering the rain barrels. My mistake!

Rain barrels

Jeff et al--I have a rain barrel and I use it during the temperate months, but the NEORSD effort to install these at homes is such a ruse. I have an overflow set-up when I use it, because the one barrel fills up almost immediately during a storm event.

What am I supposed to do--create a retention basin?  I won't see any savings for my effort to control storm water run-off from my property.

In fact, the NEORSD won't make any effort to reduce my storm water tax for having a rain barrel--the storm water tax is just another mob effort to collect $$ dollars.  If NEORSD really cared they would not allow continued tie-ins to our existing combined sewer system, but they ENCOURAGED it with recent NRP Denison Housing built on landfill over a culverted tributary to the Cuyahoga River.  

I am so tired of caring anymore...