Progressive Ohio Dem Slams Insurance Companies

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we need him in the house...

 I love Kucinich - I'm sort of glad he didn't fare so well in the presidential race. WE NEED HIM HERE - DESperately!

Anyone who follows progressive news knows of this guy - he's spot on - on many vital issues.

and sHAMe on you, Joe Cimperman, for trying to unseat him. A testament to your true nature.

Progressive Presentation

Kucinich is awesome, as is Georgia's very own [former] 6-term Congressmember, Cynthia McKinney, who just returned from Israel; having been arrested and imprisoned there after she dared to join nobel laureate, Mairead Maguire, and other humanitarians in a courageous act of delivering aid to Gaza--food--cement--toys.  However, Kucinich, McKinney and other real progressives (not to be confused with Obama who not a progressive, but a friendly-faced hawk in disguise, as Rachael Maddow so tactfully pointed out on Charlie Rose a few weeks back) must up the quality of their PR game. 

This may sound like a trite, shallow thing to say, but in today's super saavy media world, appearance is half the battle.  And as much as I hate to say this too, most Greens and progressive Dems tend to come across as rambling, deshelved, mom & pop store owners who are not quite as honed and polished and they could be.

Sound bytes and marketing may seem silly, but they are nonetheless, very important.  Thus in a society as media dense as ours, a short, easily digested, well-defined message can really pack a punch.

Americans like beautiful packaging.  And being laser focused and attractive does not automatically equal sell out or corporate whore. 

On presentation alone, imagine if Kucinich or McKinney carried themselves like Obama or Hillary.  Would they be taken more seriously?  It's hard to say, but it would be refreshing to see--a nice option.

Obama's silence

 Two other important bits of info - 

when McKinney, etal were detained and deported and their relief cargo seized, most other countries spoke out against israel's behavior - Obama was not only silent, he refused.

Israeli's spokesman responds that a number of relief trucks are able to get through daily, and that is true, however the number allowed comes no where near the number needed and many are turned away. The Israelis have created a Palestinian ghetto - they are starving and lack medical necessities. The Israelis are starving them and slowly killing them.

We would condemn the treatment of dogs this way and yet our "progressive" leader says nothing.

      I would like to see




I would like to see anatomy and physiology added to the public schools curriculum as well as nutrition.

Health care as in local clinics is imperative and that should be publicly funded. Having a local medical school with a focus on community health also very important. Grants offset with clinical practice at a clinic.

I think that the clinical level should be funded through a direct tax and offset with some sort of insurance and co-payment. Then additional coverage for major care as well, there has to be something in the process to insure the individual is held accountable.

I asked a UK health care professional; what is the biggest gripe…she said people that do not need care standing in the line in front of those that are really ill.

I received part of my education in A&P from a doctor from Ecuador; 90% of all conditions will resolve on there own, the human body is remarkable for healing. He also talked about how every doctor was required in his country to do time in a rural clinic.

I had some information at one time about a study at the CCF and related to what they call ‘Primary Care’ that is what CCF employee care is referred to as. That revealed that 80% of the primary care offered was of a condition that was or would have taken care of itself. They believed that many used illness as an excuse to get out of work? I personally think many just need to see the doctor for reassurance.

Dennis was my councilman growing up, he lived in my ward, he became Mayor from that vantage point. I sent him and email once and he called me…I missed the call. He said he would send me an email back, unfortunately I used .com when I am a .net on the my email address that I entered at his web site. His message said that my correspondence was so heartfelt and sincere that he felt he had to respond? Does not sound like my writing does it? Most say I appreciate how much time you spent on it…that isn’t faltering is it?

Dennis is often spot on, then he also can wonder off into something way off base and not even remotely feasible or not completely thought out. He leave many shaking their heads….

Does not sound like my writing does it?

Yes, it (still) does.

You are very thoughtful in your writing.


Bill Moyers: Michael Moore's "Sicko" Hits the Nail on the Head

My mother is oddly enough in


My mother is oddly enough in London and visiting my uncle who is a director of NHS in London… shit. I do not get my information through Hollywood for health care. In two days my mother will be visiting my aunt that is the head nurse of a cardiac care hospital in Manchester. I am working and waiting to arrange speaking engagements for them, through my connections at the CCF that I acquired while working there as a consultant.

I take the matter of public healthcare very seriously…I am sure Dennis thinks he does as well.

There are many misconception on both sides, and neither thinks there systems is ideal. Different systems different problems.