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So I went to see Food, Inc. at the Cedar Lee with a full house of foodies on Monday night. I recommend the film. It features Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser and Joel Salatin and other well known (to foodies) folks. I had received an email invite from Brad Masi and I went with my farm collegues. After the show there was a panel. Brad was on it and some guy (who's name I cannot recall from Whole Foods) and Warren Taylor of Snowville Creamery in Pomeroy, Ohio. Warren was awesome. So awesome in fact that I will probably ask my grocer to carry his dairy products. I can walk to my grocer and don't want to patronize other stores that I have to drive to unless I am passing by them for some other reason. (Though I do wonder why our Food Coop seems to have been ostracized from the local food conversation. I have been a member for 30 years and still go there for certain things.)

The film outlines the problems the food insutry faces and we as eaters face with this Cargill, ADM, Monsanto, ConAgra big agribusiness, NAFTA, WTO, IMF mess. For those who eat grocery store meat, it must seem hopeless. I have had only two steaks in the past 35 years, so it was not too bad for me to watch as far as what I had to eat before the film - som say it will turn your stomach. Mine was turned a long time ago, so it wasn't a big deal except when I think of others eating that stuff. Ooooohhhh...

Anyway, today I had a friend request from someone in Canada on Transition USA. I did a bit of digging around in this person's blog and thought I'd share an interesting video I found posted there. It seems this permablitzing could be a helpful way to get more sharing of food production knowledge moving around in the front and backyards of Cleveland and neighboring suburbs. I know I could use some help.




 to oil junkies!

Thank you Susan, that was a great video, thanks for diggin it up!

Cleveland is ripe for expanded gardens. I was interested in the program Reichtell is promoting, its just such a short turn-around time. I was at the meetings last November/December and there wasn't an application process in place, neither was there a set plan as to how it was going to be accomplished. It would be nice to see the powers somehow make the program more accessible.

Hopefully, despite, the independent (anarchistic?) circle of farming in the cleveland area will grow!

this will explain to those who don't get it

Just say no to oil junkies. Yes, and then what?

Well, Cuba has done it. Click on the link below to learn what we are most likely facing. Not all bad.

This is how we do it. Do we have to wait until this sort of thing happens? Can't we get with the program of collapse?

we're beyond the point of choice

we mUSt get with the program... 

the experts have been saying this for awhile now...

I got the slogan from an anti-war demo in 2003. I was riding with critical mass and it struck me as a fun, yet relevent thing to say. There is this faction of society that refuses to accept we are at peak and our environment is tanking. Bush and his regime were encouraging that thought of refusal and administrating in support of it. I wanted to say something that would frame them as they were, perhaps jar people out of their closed little box way of thinking. It wasn't angry, it was fun (more palatable?)

I don't know about answers. I study other things and do what I can to reduce my use. I try to make sure me money goes to people and places who are aligned with this concept. But, I don't know tons about it - I just like to learn more.

I think what is most critical is what we are leaving our children. I'd like not to be a disgusting example of a parent and I'd like to die knowing my children have a safe world to live in.